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If there's one thing you can say about us humans, it's that we always keep things interesting! From our ancient civilizations to our modern-day struggles, from our diverse languages to our common history, we've been giving social scientists ample material to think—and write—about for centuries. And what material! Within our Social Science category, you'll find countless captivating studies of who we humans are, what we do, and how we interact, written by everyone from Karl Marx to Helen Gurley Brown. So start wandering our virtual shelves and seek out what intrigues you; from Campbell's Power of Myth to Gladwell's Tipping Point, we've got something.

Control: Exposing the Truth About Guns

Not just a shot in the dark. In a world where people's feelings about public figures tend to ebb and flow with each news cycle, no one is dispassionate about conservative uber-pundit Glenn Beck. Whether through TV, books, or other media, his uncompromising stances on hot-button sociopolitical issues tend to elicit a love-him-or-hate-him response from just about everyone in America. So when the man who makes liberals foam at the mouth and gets conservatives feeling all warm and fuzzy inside takes on a topic as close to our nation's heart as gun control in this controversial Social Science tome, heads (and pages) are bound to turn. So get set for fuming or fist-pumping while reading, depending on your own ideology.

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