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If you're interested in the sexier side of fiction, the kind of sensual stories that get you hot under the collar, your desires will be satisfied by sampling our selection of Erotica Books. The Fifty Shades series started an explosion of renewed interest in erotic fiction, and while you can certainly find those mega-sellers here, you can also delve deeper into the stimulating, intoxicating world of Erotica Books, be they short story collections like Best Lesbian Erotica, classics such as The Story of O and the works of Anais Nin, or investigations into the darker side of sexuality via books about the S&M world. It's all here for you to explore.

Bared to You

Bared to You

A steamy New York Times bestseller. Is it possible for two abuse survivors to have a functional romantic relationship? That's the central question posed in Bared to You, by the main character, Eva Tramell. And the answer? A lusty and resounding, "Absolutely!" In this erotic novel, Sylvia Day focuses on the complicated relationship between two New York twentysomethings—Eva and her lover, Gideon Cross—each learning to cope with equally abusive pasts. As their connection becomes more emotional, intense, and complicated with each night they spend together, the two soon realize they must first find a way to heal in order to move on and build a healthy, enduring relationship.

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