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Save money when you rent or buy books from the Alibris Digital eBook store. We have a wide selection of digital books available, including textbooks, trade books, fiction books, non-fiction books, and course material for college students. You can choose between ePub and PDF files, lifetime access or rentals, and have the option to read your new books on your computer, phone, tablet, or eReader within minutes of purchasing.

Rent or Buy

Rent for 90, 120, or 180 days or buy lifetime access for a fraction of the print book cost.

Access on any Device

EPUB format can be viewed on all devices - desktop, tablet, mobile, Mac and PC.

eBook FAQ

See our FAQ page for more information on how eBooks work.

eBook FAQs

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a book presented on a digital device like a smartphone, tablet, computer, or eReader. Many of your favorite books are available digitally, allowing you to take your books with you wherever you go without having to worry about losing them or carrying them. Any book can be an eBook, including everything from your favorite fictional works to mathematics eBooks for school.

Why purchase eBooks?

eBooks are less bulky than traditional hardcover and paperback books, which can be especially beneficial for students carrying multiple textbooks. With eBooks, you can easily search for keywords and make marks and notes. They can be accessed anywhere from your favorite device. Purchasing eBooks is also cheaper than buying books brand new as there's no cost to print, package, or ship the item, saving you money on every purchase.

Where can I buy eBooks?

You can buy an eBook straight from this page! Search for a book by title, author, keyword, ISBN, or browse our selection of eBooks, and we'll walk you through the steps to purchase one. Just make sure you're prepared to read your book on your favorite device.

Can I rent an eBook?

Yes, you can rent eBooks from Alibris without worrying about returning it via the mail. Instead, pick a rental period that reflects your classes or needs during checkout, and we'll take care of the rest.

How do I use an eBook?

Using an eBook is easy. Once you purchase your book, you can access it by saving it to your device or via the internet. Once you purchase your eBook, you can access it through the VitalSource Bookshelf website or offline using the VitalSource Bookshelf app from your device. We'll walk you through the process right after you purchase your book to make it easy for you to learn how it works.

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