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Books, Music, and Movies You Might Like

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

by Dr. Seuss

This classic Dr. Seuss tale tells the story of the disgruntled Grinch and his fiendish attempts to steal Christmas from the citizens of Who-ville. With wacky rhymes and zany illustrations from the ... Read More

The Wish

The Wish (2021)

by Nicholas Sparks

Includes an exclusive introduction from the author The international #1 bestselling author of The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks is back with his most epic story yet. What if the person you needed most, ... Read More

My First Book of Baby Signs: 40 Essential Signs to Learn and Practice

My First Book of Baby Signs: 40 Essential Signs to Learn and Practice

by Lane Rebelo

Learn sign language alongside your baby with an adorable storybook designed to encourage you to learn new words and signs as you read together. Interactive learning that includes 40 real ASL signs.

The Croods: A New Age

The Croods: A New Age (2020)

directed by Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco
featuring Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann, Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage, Catherine Keener

After surviving the end of the only world they've ever known, the Croods now have to find a new place to call home. They set off into uncharted waters, and soon enough, they come upon a walled-in ... Read More


Fearless (2008)

by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift abandons any pretense that she's a teen on her second album, Fearless -- which isn't to say that she suddenly tarts herself up, running away from her youth in a manner that's all too ... Read More

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