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Science Crystallography Books

The Oxford Solid State Basics The Oxford Solid State Basics

Steven H. Simon
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eBook from $29.25

Rocks, Gems, and Minerals: What You Need to Know about Crystals, Gemstones, Agates, and Other Rocks Rocks, Gems, and Minerals:...

Mari Silva
Buy from $11.03

The Second Kind of Impossible: The Extraordinary Quest for a New Form of Matter The Second Kind of Impossible...

Paul Steinhardt
Buy from $1.08

Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices Dynamical Theory of Crystal...

Max Born, Kun Huang
Buy from $14.95

Introduction to Crystallography Introduction to...

Donald E Sands
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eBook from $14.95

Defects in Solids Defects in Solids

Richard J D Tilley
Buy from $123.62

Mineralogy; an introduction to the study of minerals and crystals Mineralogy; an introduction...

Edward Henry Kraus
Buy from $9.00

Imperfections in Crystalline Solids Imperfections in Crystalline...

Wei Cai, William D. Nix
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eBook from $59.20

Structural inorganic chemistry. Structural inorganic...

Alexander Frank Wells
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Properties of Materials: Anisotropy, Symmetry, Structure Properties of Materials:...

Robert E Newnham
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eBook from $60.45

Quasicrystals and Geometry Quasicrystals and Geometry

Marjorie Senechal
Buy from $38.42

Transmitted Light Microscopy of Rock-Forming Minerals: An Introduction to Optical Mineralogy Transmitted Light Microscopy...

Susanne Theodora Schmidt
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eBook from $25.50

Quantum Field Theory and Its Macroscopic Manifestations: Boson Condensation, Ordered Patterns and Topological Defects Quantum Field Theory and Its...

Massimo Blasone, Petr Jizba
Buy from $63.88

International Tables for Crystallography: Crystallographic Symmetry, Teaching Edition International Tables for...

Mois I. Aroyo (Editor)
Buy from $46.57

Group Theory and Its Applications in Physics Group Theory and Its...

Teturo Inui, Yukito Tanabe
Buy from $93.93

Tensor Properties of Crystals Tensor Properties of Crystals

D Lovett
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eBook from $45.65

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin: Patterns, Proteins and Peace: A Life in Science Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin:...

Georgina Ferry
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eBook from $7.90

Capturing Snowflakes: Winter's Frozen Artistry Capturing Snowflakes: Winter...

Kenneth George Libbrecht, Rachel Wing
Buy from $6.79
eBook from $19.99

Crystal Chemistry: From Basics to Tools for Materials Creation Crystal Chemistry: From...

Gerard Ferey
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eBook from $44.00

Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules Crystallization of Biological...

Alexander McPherson
Buy from $74.95

The six-cornered snowflake The six-cornered snowflake

Johannes Kepler
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Crystal Structure Determination Crystal Structure...

William Clegg
Buy from $2.85

Introduction to Crystallography Introduction to...

Frank Hoffmann
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eBook from $16.50

Contemporary crystallography Contemporary crystallography

Martin J. Buerger
Buy from $66.94

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