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Specific information, quickly needed. That neatly sums up our exhaustive collection of Reference Books—but what a range and wealth of information there is! Why do the Spanish call a sombrero a sombrero? What makes a snail a gastropod? Can people in South Africa see Orion's Belt? Does every motion really need to be seconded? You'll find the fascinating answers to these and many more of life's most important questions in these Reference Books. From the fundamentals of Visual Basic to the basics of Biblical Greek, from world atlases to Welsh dictionaries, there's much to explore and discover here. Specific information, quickly needed? Just be sure to ask for express shipping!



Getting there is half the fun. As the man who holds the record for longest winning streak ever on Jeopardy!, it's fair to say that Ken Jennings comes by his geek cred honestly; so you can be sure he's qualified to describe the joys that come from geekery of the cartological kind. Maphead gets neck deep in the nitty gritty of maps and the glorious geeks who love them, but while it's overflowing with fascinating information and illustrations, it's much more than a reference book. Even if you don't share the game-show icon's obsession, you'll still be dazzled by his description of the way map-making has altered our everyday lives.

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