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Markov processes Books

Inference in Hidden Markov Models Inference in Hidden Markov...

Olivier Capp?, Eric Moulines
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eBook from $50.70

Finite Markov Chains: With a New Appendix Generalization of a Fundamental Matrix Finite Markov Chains: With a...

John G Kemeny, J Laurie Snell
Buy from $28.00

Bayesian Inference with Inla Bayesian Inference with Inla

Virgilio Gomez-Rubio
Buy from $58.23
eBook from $34.10

Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R Introducing Monte Carlo...

Christian P Robert
Buy from $27.03
eBook from $24.00

Probability, Markov Chains, Queues, and Simulation: The Mathematical Basis of Performance Modeling Probability, Markov Chains,...

William J Stewart
Buy from $25.43
eBook from $132.00

Hidden Markov Models for Time Series: An Introduction Using R Hidden Markov Models for Time...

Walter Zucchini, Iain L MacDonald
Buy from $11.00

Handbook of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Handbook of Markov Chain...

Steve Brooks (Editor), Andrew Gelman (Editor)
Buy from $60.73
eBook from $35.73

Discrete-Time Markov Control Processes: Basic Optimality Criteria Discrete-Time Markov Control...

Onesimo Hernandez-Lerma, Jean B Lasserre
Buy from $80.19

Markov Chains and Decision Processes for Engineers and Managers Markov Chains and Decision...

Theodore J. Sheskin
Buy from $77.96
eBook from $43.98

Continuous Time Markov Processes: An Introduction Continuous Time Markov...

Thomas M. Liggett
Buy from $96.01

Diffusions, Markov Processes, and Martingales: Volume 1, Foundations Diffusions, Markov Processes,...

L. C. G. Rogers, David Williams
Buy from $50.00
eBook from $68.80

Hidden Markov Models and Dynamical Systems Hidden Markov Models and...

Andrew M Fraser
Buy from $90.18

Numerical Methods for Stochastic Control Problems in Continuous Time Numerical Methods for...

Harold J Kushner
Buy from $46.14
eBook from $26.70

Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Stochastic Simulation for Bayesian Inference, Second Edition Markov Chain Monte Carlo:...

Dani Gamerman, Hedibert F Lopes
Buy from $65.00
eBook from $68.75

Markov processes an introduction for physical scientists Markov processes an...

Buy from $40.26
eBook from $72.95

Bioinformatics: The Machine Learning Approach Bioinformatics: The Machine...

Professor Pierre Baldi, Soren Brunak
Buy from $2.37

Markov Chains Markov Chains

J. R. Norris
Buy from $23.45
eBook from $44.80

Markov Processes for Stochastic Modeling Markov Processes for...

Masaaki Kijima
Buy from $31.35

Finite Markov Chains and Algorithmic Applications Finite Markov Chains and...

Olle H?ggstr÷m
Buy from $17.13
eBook from $32.00

Markov Chains and Mixing Times Markov Chains and Mixing Times

David A Levin
Buy from $61.01

Markov Decision Processes: Discrete Stochastic Dynamic Programming Markov Decision Processes:...

Martin L Puterman
Buy from $63.37

Markov Processes: Characterization and Convergence Markov Processes:...

Stewart N Ethier, Thomas G Kurtz
Buy from $130.05

Statistical Inference for Markov Processes Statistical Inference for...

Patrick Billingsley
Buy from $29.99

Continuous-Time Markov-Modulated Chains in Operations Research Continuous-Time Markov...

Alexander Andronov, Kristina Mahareva
Buy from $104.80

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