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Inference Books

The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect The Book of Why: The New...

Judea Pearl, Dana Mackenzie
Buy from $6.65

Causal Inference Causal Inference

Paul R Rosenbaum
Buy from $11.57

Intelligence Analysis as Discovery of Evidence, Hypotheses, and Arguments: Connecting the Dots Intelligence Analysis as...

Gheorghe Tecuci, David A. Schum
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eBook from $57.60

Causal Inference: The Mixtape Causal Inference: The Mixtape

Scott Cunningham
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eBook from $35.00

The Inference That Makes Science The Inference That Makes...

Ernan McMullin
Buy from $44.88

The Evidential Foundations of Probabilistic Reasoning The Evidential Foundations of...

David A Schum
Buy from $21.00

Causal Inference in Statistics: A Primer Causal Inference in...

Judea Pearl, Madelyn Glymour
Buy from $43.99
eBook from $40.00

Relevance 2e Relevance 2e

Sperber, Wilson D
Buy from $18.90

The Material Theory of Induction The Material Theory of...

John D. Norton
Buy from $21.19

A Solution to the Ecological Inference Problem: Reconstructing Individual Behavior from Aggregate Data A Solution to the Ecological...

Gary King
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eBook from $74.00

Causal Inference for Statistics, Social, and Biomedical Sciences: An Introduction Causal Inference for...

Guido W. Imbens, Donald B. Rubin
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eBook from $52.80

Uncertain Inference Uncertain Inference

Henry E Kyburg Jr, Choh Man Teng
Buy from $6.80
eBook from $66.99

Designing Social Inquiry: Scientific Inference in Qualitative Research Designing Social Inquiry:...

Gary King, Robert O Keohane
Buy from $1.04

Observation and Experiment: An Introduction to Causal Inference Observation and Experiment:...

Paul Rosenbaum
Buy from $21.94

Inference to the Best Explanation Inference to the Best...

Peter Lipton
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eBook from $27.48

Mental Models Mental Models

P N Johnson-Laird
Buy from $20.00

Fundamentals of Causal Inference: With R Fundamentals of Causal...

Babette A Brumback
Buy from $69.70

Inference and Learning from Data: Volume 2: Inference Inference and Learning from...

Ali H. Sayed
Buy from $73.10
eBook from $84.00

The Limits of Inference without Theory The Limits of Inference...

Kenneth I Wolpin
Buy from $21.00

The Myth of Artificial Intelligence: Why Computers Can't Think the Way We Do The Myth of Artificial...

Erik J Larson
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eBook from $19.95

Articulating Reasons: An Introduction to Inferentialism (Revised) Articulating Reasons: An...

Robert B Brandom
Buy from $24.46

Inference: Teaching Students to Develop Hypotheses, Evaluate Evidence, and Draw Logical Conclusion Inference: Teaching Students...

Harvey Silver, Thomas Dewing
Buy from $1.99

Statistical Inference as Severe Testing: How to Get Beyond the Statistics Wars Statistical Inference as...

Deborah G Mayo
Buy from $13.50

Induction: Processes of Inference, Learning, and Discovery Induction: Processes of...

Keith J Holyoak, John H Holland
Buy from $6.39

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