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Composite Materials: Design and Applications Composite Materials: Design...

Daniel Gay
Buy from $71.78

Introduction to Composite Materials Introduction to Composite...

Hong T Hahn, Stephen W Tsai
Buy from $10.99
eBook from $35.73

Principles of Composite Material Mechanics, Third Edition Principles of Composite...

Ronald F Gibson
Buy from $38.49

Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures Composite Materials for...

A A Baker
Buy from $143.14
eBook from $112.95

Advanced Composite Materials for Aerospace Engineering: Processing, Properties and Applications Advanced Composite Materials...

Sohel Rana (Editor), Raul Fangueiro (Editor)
Buy from $163.96
eBook from $260.00

Mechanics of Composite Structures Mechanics of Composite...

L▀szl? P Koll▀r, George S Springer
Buy from $51.09

Engineering Mechanics of Composite Materials Engineering Mechanics of...

Isaac M Daniel, Ori Ishai
Buy from $65.00

Mechanics of Composite Materials Mechanics of Composite...

Autar K Kaw
Buy from $1.49
eBook from $77.00

Composite Materials Composite Materials

John Wanberg
Buy from $25.79

Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing: Materials, Methods, and Applications Fundamentals of Composites...

A Brent Strong
Buy from $10.32

Stress Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials Stress Analysis of Fiber...

Michael Hyer
Buy from $25.71
eBook from $115.00

Essentials of Advanced Composite Fabrication & Repair Essentials of Advanced...

Louis C Dorworth, Ginger L Gardiner
Buy from $4.87
eBook from $69.99

Introduction to Composite Materials Design Introduction to Composite...

Ever J. Barbero
Buy from $15.58
eBook from $82.50

Mechanical Properties of Polymers Based on Nanostructure and Morphology Mechanical Properties of...

G. H. Michler (Editor), F. J. Balt▀-Calleja (Editor)
Buy from $78.16
eBook from $43.98

Fiberglass and Other Composite Materialshp1498: A Guide to High Performance Non-Metallic Materials for Automotiveracing and Mari Ne Use. Includes Fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Molds, Structures and Materia Fiberglass and Other...

Forbes Aird
Buy from $10.11

An Introduction to Composite Materials An Introduction to Composite...

T. W. Clyne, D. Hull
Buy from $41.73
eBook from $65.99

Bonding and Structure of Molecules and Solids Bonding and Structure of...

D G Pettifor
Buy from $9.67

Analysis and Performance of Fiber Composites Analysis and Performance of...

Bhagwan D Agarwal, Lawrence J Broutman
Buy from $2.50
eBook from $121.00

Laminar Composites Laminar Composites

George Staab
Buy from $26.49
eBook from $36.00

Composite Materials: Fabrication Hdbk #2 Composite Materials:...

John Wanberg
Buy from $25.79

Mechanics of Composite Materials Mechanics of Composite...

Robert M Jones
Buy from $12.89
eBook from $99.00

Advanced Aerospace Materials Advanced Aerospace Materials

Horst Buhl (Editor)
Buy from $27.48

Natural Fiber Composites Natural Fiber Composites

R.D.S.G. Campilho (Editor)
Buy from $42.59
eBook from $32.98

Composites Design Composites Design

Stephen W Tsai
Buy from $28.99

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