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05.29.14 Alibris builds a tablet site centered on search
Internet Retailer
Mobile book buyers often have a title or author in mind, and searchers convert at a far higher rate, Alibris says, hence the prominence of search. 10% of the e-retailer's traffic stems from tablets; the bookseller expects tablet visits to grow 5-10 times in the next two years. [more]
12.05.13 By the bundle
Internet Retailer
Alibris calculates the best price for a bundle of textbooks, speeding students through the shopping process. [more]
12.20.12 Alibris Plugs in Simularity to Power On-Site and Email Recommendations
Yahoo! Finance
Alibris, a division of Monsoon Commerce and the premier online marketplace for new and used books, textbooks, music, and movies, and Simularity, the best-in-class provider of similarity analytics for big data, announced today that Alibris is using the Simularity technology platform to bring shoppers the joy of discovering products that are destined to become new favorites. [more]
08.22.11 Alibris Marketplace Runs Contest to Encourage Textbook Rentals
Alibris officially launched its textbook rental program this month and is encouraging students to rent textbooks with a new contest. All shoppers who rent through Alibris from July 28 through September 15, 2011, will be automatically entered in the "Rentstravaganza giveaway" for a chance to win a grand prize of an iPad 2 or up to $250 in cash. [more]
08.10.11 Yet Another Textbook Rental Ecommerce Solution — Alibris
In much the same way as is an online marketplace for a variety of different booksellers all piled together into one ecommerce solution, Alibris is bringing together various textbook rental outlets. [more]
05.23.11 New Alibris Book-Rental Program Available to Third-Party Sellers
Monsoon Commerce announced the first online textbook-rental marketplace open to independent booksellers. Monsoon Commerce CEO Brian Elliott said sellers have wanted to participate in the rapidly growing book rental market, which it estimated at nearly 15% of the online textbook market. [more]
05.20.11 Monsoon to Add Textbook Rental Market
Publishers Lunch
Monsoon Commerce is joining the fast-growing online textbook rental market, which has attracted a lot of venture capital and fast-growing players such as Chegg and BookRenter. [more]
04.18.11 Retailers Retool Sites to Ease Mobile Shopping
Retailers who once envisioned a vast new market of mobile shoppers eagerly hitting "buy" on their cellphones have run headlong into a harsh reality: their customers are all thumbs. [more]
04.05.11 Monsoon Commerce Acquires Stone Edge Technologies
Monsoon Commerce acquired Stone Edge Technologies, a leading order and customer management software company, in an all-cash transaction. The Stone Edge tools enable merchants to integrate shopping cart, order, and supply chain management with over 50 demand-driving web properties, including web stores hosted by eBay ProStores, Magento, Miva, Volusion, 3DCart, and Yahoo Stores. [more]
04.04.11 Monsoon Commerce buys Stone Edge Technologies
Monsoon Commerce Inc., which sells technology to help retailers manage sales on online marketplaces, announced today it has bought order and customer management software company Stone Edge Technologies Inc. in an all-cash transaction. The purchase price was not disclosed. [more]
03.31.11 Alibris closes the book on high mobile bounce rates with an optimized site
Internet Retailer
Alibris, a used book e-retailer that sells 120 million items from thousands of sellers worldwide, had a problem. The creators of its e-commerce site didnít design it for mobile use and that meant there were high bounce rates and low conversion rates when consumers accessed the site via mobile phones. [more]
02.16.11 A CEO explains how to get a redesign approved by the CEO
Internet Retailer
Brilliant design concepts will never pay off if a retailer's CEO doesn't give the go-ahead to implement them. With that in mind, an e-retail CEO explained today how to get top-level approval for a web site redesign in a session at the Internet Retailer Design & Usability Conference in Orlando. [more]
02.07.11 Half Price Books Goes with Monsoon
Publishers Weekly
Now HPB, which specializes in used and bargain titles, is partnering with Monsoon Commerce Solutions and Alibris to offer more than 120 million items—including new and used books, music, movies, and textbooks—from independent sellers. Based on the first month's data, this new tack seems to be working. [more]
02.03.11 ABA & Monsoon Form Alliance to Help Booksellers Compete Online
Bookselling This Week
Monsoon Commerce Solutions (MCS), a provider of online marketplace-based solutions for sellers and retailers, and the American Booksellers Association have announced a strategic partnership that will provide booksellers with increased opportunities to grow their online sales. [more]
12.15.10 Alibris shakes up product recommendations
Internet Retailer
Its new iPhone app enables shoppers to shake a device to receive recommended books. [more]
12.13.10 Alibris encourages app development to drive sales of books, music, movies
Mobile Commerce Daily
Monsoon Commerce Solutions' online media marketplace Alibris has launched an application programming interface portal to encourage developers to build applications for its commerce platform. [more]
12.06.10 Lighting the Way
Retail Merchandiser
Struggling to find your e-com strategy? This company says a combination of retail and services perspectives will help you find your way. [more]
12.06.10 Google eBooks Launches Today
Publishers Marketplace
Google's long-awaited, long-promised ebook service begins rolling out today in the United States.... At launch, Google is putting its partnerships with independent booksellers front and center, though other third-party sellers will be added later. Google eBooks will be available from, Alibris, and participating members of the American Booksellers Association who use the organization's ecommerce platform. [more]
12.06.10 Google eBooks Open for Business
Google just opened its electronic book store, with 3 million titles. Three million more reasons to be on the Internet, and then off it again, today. [more]
12.06.10 Alibris and Google set up ebook deal
San Francisco Business Times
Google has been scanning and digitizing books for years, and offers many for free and for sale on its site. Now users at Alibris, an Emeryville business that started as a rare and out-of-print book search engine, will be able to peruse and purchase ebooks from the Google system. [more]
11.29.10 Alibris launches a site for smartphones and iPads
Internet Retailer
Alibris, an online retailer of books, music and media, today said it had launched a web site optimized for smartphones and tablet computers with help from e-commerce services vendor Modify. [more]
09.22.10 Alibris Parent Retructures, Renames to Monsoon Commerce Solutions
The parent of Alibris has changed its name to Monsoon Commerce Solutions Inc. and has reorganized to address the needs of its three customer groups: retailers, sellers, and buyers. Alibris and Monsoon had merged in February. [more]
09.22.10 Alibris Changes Name to Monsoon Commerce Solutions
Publishers Weekly
Alibris Holdings, one of the first online marketplaces for used books, has changed its name to Monsoon Commerce Solutions to better reflect the range of services now offered by the company. The name change comes six months after Alibris acquired Monsoon Inc. [more]
09.13.10 Hidden Discounts! Finding Great Online Deals on Practically Everything with ShopSmart
Consumer Reports
Checking out at a shopping site with your goodies can be a thrill, but were there special deals or discounts you missed? [more]
08.09.10 Used Books: On the Up and Up
Publishers Weekly
Even before the recession hit, used-book sales were on the rise. During the past decade, they grew so rapidly that by April 2002 the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers attacked Amazon for placing new books at risk. [more]
05.26.10 Alibris lets self-published authors open up shop in book bazaar
Internet Retailer
To help self-published authors better promote and sell to readers, Alibris Inc. has created Author Stores, which lists books in numerous marketplaces and online stores. [more]
05.24.10 Alibris Starts Author Stores
Publishers Weekly
Alibris has found a way to get into the self-publishing boom, launching Author Stores. Through the program, self-published authors create Author Stores for their books and their titles will be available through the Alibris marketplace and its service partners that include Barnes &, Borders and Chapters Indigo. [more]
03.04.10® Reports Exponential Year-Over-Year Marketplace Growth of Nearly 150 Percent
Yahoo! Finance
In December 2009 alone, added name-brand retailers such as Tiger Direct and Paul's TV, as well as Alibris, a premier marketplace for independent sellers of new, used and rare books. [more]
02.23.10 Alibris Acquires Monsoon - Is M&A Heating Up?
My Blog Utopia
Big M&A (Mergers and Acquisition) news came out yesterday with the announcement that Alibris Holdings, the parent company of, was acquiring Monsoon a marketplace integrator with a substantial media business. [more]
02.23.10 Alibris buys a software developer that specializes in online marketplaces
Internet Retailer
Alibris Inc. is buying Monsoon Inc., which provides desktop software that allows sellers to list and sell on a variety of marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Alibris. [more]
02.23.10 Alibris to buy Oregon sales software company Monsoon
San Francisco Business Times
Alibris, the Emeryville company that sells used, rare and out-of-print books online, is buying Monsoon Inc., an Oregon business that makes software used in online markets. [more]
02.23.10 Portland-based Monsoon sold to Alibris
Monsoon Inc., a Northwest Portland company that helps businesses sell their products online, said this morning that it's been sold to the parent company of California-based online retailer Alibris Inc. [more]
01.28.10 Invented the Bat Mitzvah, Rejected a Supernatural God
The Wall Street Journal
I looked for a copy of this acknowledged classic and discovered not only that it was out of print but that used copies were hard to find. (Thanks to Alibris on the Internet, I did track down a slightly marked-up copy from Goodwill of Greater Washington.) That will no longer be a problem...[more]
12.30.09 Independent sellers earn cash back in new rewards program at Alibris
Internet Retailer
Alibris has launched a rewards program with a twist: it's the independent book, music and movie sellers on the platform who earn cash back. Under the Alibris Seller Rewards program, Alibris Gold sellers—the online marketplace's program for professional sellers—receive 5% cash back on every completed order that originated in their storefront. [more]
12.22.09 Libraries' Changing Buying Habits: So Many Books, So Little Money
When asked "Which used or out-of-print Internet book sites does your library use to purchase books?" the greatest number indicated that they used Alibris (86.1% - 124 total) followed by Amazon Marketplace (74.3% - 107 total), AbeBooks (56.9% - 82 total) and other (27.8% - 40). [more]
12.22.09 Buying Out-of-Print Books on the Internet, Where the Old is New Again
While once it would have involved a lot of paper correspondence; weeks, if not months of waiting; and costly shipping charges, with the advent of Alibris, my most used out-of-print dealer, ordering is easy, practical, and efficient. [more]
12.01.09 Alibris: Universal Appeal
Retail Merchandiser
A simple way to describe Alibris is as an exchange. The online retailer has become the largest independently owned and operated marketplace for new, rare, and used books, CDs, and DVDs in the 11 years since it was launched, primarily through its ability to focus on its customer base. [more]
09.18.09 Web Book Firm's New Volume
San Francisco Business Times
Alibris is once again proving it can adapt to the times. The Emeryville-based online book marketplace has added 1,000 new booksellers to its roster this year, bringing its total number of sellers to 13,500 even as the number of independent booksellers nationally contracts. [more]
05.27.09 Alibris Will Do All the Work for Sellers Who Want to Unload Books
Internet Retailer
Alibris Inc. has launched a new book fulfillment program that provides sellers of new and used books a cataloging and fulfillment service. Alibris Distribution Services is designed to help booksellers turn inventory into cash in an affordable manner. [more]
05.18.09 Alibris Starts Textbook Buyback Program
Publishers Weekly
Looking to build its inventory of textbooks, Alibris has started a buyback services for students. Under the program, students go to the Alibris Web site and plug in the ISBNs for texts and related educational materials they are looking to sell. [more]
05.11.09 Alibris Expanding Distribution Services
Publishers Weekly
Alibris is ramping up a program that has been gaining momentum since it was first launched 18 months ago. Alibris Distribution Services aims to help booksellers and publishers that want to liquidate excess inventory, but don't want to put the resources into selling the titles online themselves. [more]
04.28.09 Industry Interview: Alibris Offers Distribution Services
Bargain Book News
Alibris (pronounced "uh-LEE-briss") is a leading marketplace for sellers of books, music and movies. We connect people who love books, music, and movies to thousands of independent sellers around the world. [more]
04.13.09 A Good Time To Be Selling Used Books
Publishers Weekly
Not all businesses do badly in a recession; one segment of the book market that appears to be holding up fairly well is used books. [more]
02.02.09 Alibris' Book Sales Grew 18% in 2008
San Francisco Business Times
Online book marketplace Alibris has turned a page on growth, with revenue surging 18 percent in 2008. [more]
09.29.08 AM Inbox: Product Review Triple-threat
The Retail Email Blog
Alibris deploys a product review triple-threat in this email, highlighting top-rated products, incentivizing subscribers to review products, and asking for feedback on a staff review. [more]
08.13.08 Alibris Beefs Up Services and Benefits for Buyers and Sellers
Internet Retailer
Web-only retailer Alibris Inc. has made a several changes designed to ramp up business for its book, CD and DVD web marketplace. [more]
07.23.08 Alibris Pushes Textbook Sales
Publishers Weekly
Alibris, the online retailer of new and used books, CDs and DVDs, is making a push toward increasing its textbook sales. Today, it announced the addition of new features to its Web site that make it easier for customers to find and save on new and used textbooks. [more]
05.27.08 Borders Book Chain Turns a Page on the Web
NY Times
...The site also offers ways to buy used books through a partnership with the online retailer Alibris, and copy-protection-free audio-book downloads through the digital media distributor OverDrive. In both of those cases, Borders appears to be deliberately looking beyond its former partner, "We've chosen different partners that don't compete with us on other levels. That is certainly a factor," Mr. Ertell said. [more]
05.27.08 Borders US partners with Alibris
The Bookseller (UK)
Borders US has unveiled its transactional website and has teamed up with second-hand bookseller Alibris for the launch of Borders Marketplace in direct competition with's Marketplace. [more]
05.27.08 Borders Web Site Now Live
Publishers Weekly
After seven years of outsourcing its e-commerce function to Amazon, Borders relaunched its Web site today under its own control. ...In addition, in an agreement with Alibris, Borders will now offer about 60 million used books for sale. [more]
11.13.06 Alibris Goes Live in Britain
PW Daily
Online bookseller Alibris has launched a retail site in the U.K. Alibris U.K. (, which mimics the format of the e-tailer's U.S. site selling primarily new and used books, offers more than 60 million titles (new, out-of-print, rare and secondhand) for sale to English-speaking customers in Great Britain and 16 other countries in Europe. [more]
11.08.06 How Clever Use of IT Levels the Playing Field
Financial Times
It is not hard to track down a novel in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series. Any book store and many supermarkets, station and airport kiosks and other outlets stock copies of the young wizard's adventures. Looking for a hardback copy signed by the author is rather more difficult. But there is a good chance Alibris will be able to find it. [more]
10.27.06 Interview with Michael Schaffer, CTO, Alibris
Byte and Switch TV
09.25.06 Alibris Expands Senior Management Team by Three to Fuel Expansion

Online bookseller Alibris Inc. has tapped former executives from Yahoo, IAC/Interactive Corp. and Signature Networks to fill three spots on its senior management team. [more]
08.09. 06 Drink Up a Good Book
More e-retailers continue to begin experiments with all the latest and greatest Internet tools, everything from blogs and podcasts to social networking sites and RSS feeds. Pure-play bookseller Alibris Inc. in May joined other retailers exploring new marketing and branding strategies by launching Cuppa Joad, The Alibris Book Blog. [more]
05.09.06 Oak Hill Capital Partners Acquires VC-Backed Alibris

Venture-backed Alibris—which helps people buy hard-to-find books online—has agreed to be acquired by Oak Hill Capital Partners, which will help the company the [sic] branch out overseas and into the used movies and music markets. [more]
03.06.06 "Book-Smart" System Doubles Productivity
Packaging World Magazine

Alibris, Inc., a leading marketer of new, used, and hard-to-find books, receives and ships thousands of book orders each day at its 100,000-sq' warehouse in Sparks, NV. The company sells books through its own Web site, as well as through partners such as, Barnes & Noble, and Borders book stores. [more]
12.04.05 Selling Over the Internet from Low-Overhead Buildings, Small Book Dealers Can Compete with Borders, Barnes & Noble
Hartford Courant

Ed Mondazzi and his wife, Sonja, are among the growing ranks of independent booksellers who are shifting all or much of their business to the Internet even as their beloved, cramped storefronts continue to disappear. [more]
12.03.05 Buying Used Just Could Turn Out To Be the Next New Thing
The New York Times
The movement of used products, once sold through a daily newspaper's classified ads, to the Web allows the buyer to obtain better prices because the choices are more extensive. Think how or have radically changed the buying and selling of used books. [more]
09.29.05 Taking the Measure of Used Books
Publisher's Weekly (Daily)
In findings that will surprise few in publishing, the Book Industry Study Group report on used books found a rapidly growing segment that is likely to continue to be one of the biggest growth areas in the industry. The size of the used book market for non-education books—trade and professional titles—was $589 million in 2004, while sales of used textbooks added another $1.6 billion, putting the total used book market at $2.2 billion last year, a 11.1% increase over 2003. Total unit sales were 111.2 million last year, with trade and professional unit sales hitting 72.6 million, while education unit sales were 38.6 million." [more]
09.29.05 Study: Used Books Are Hot Sellers, $2.2 Billion in 2004
The Associated Press
"For as long as there has been a publishing industry, there have been used books, that supposedly quaint world of polymaths and antiquarians poking about musty, cluttered stores for titles few readers would know."

"But a landmark study released yesterday confirms what publishers, authors and booksellers have believed, and feared, since the rise of the Internet: Used books have become a powerhouse, driven by high prices for new works and by the convenience of finding any title, new or old, without leaving your home." [more]

07.14.05 Alibris Breaking Ground in Buying Used Potter Books
The Wall Street Journal Online
"Record numbers of pre-orders are being tallied, space is being made on store shelves, and parties are being planned all in the name of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,' which goes on sale Saturday." [more]
07.13.05 Too Many Potter Books at Home? Sell One Back
Washington Post
"U.S. online bookseller Alibris said on Tuesday it had launched a special offer to buy used copies of the new 'Harry Potter' book for $5 as it seeks to meet demand for the most eagerly awaited book of the year." [more]
07.12.05 A Different Kind of Potter Discount
Publisher's Weekly
"The newest wrinkle in the selling of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes not from Scholastic, but from the online e-retailer Alibris. In a notice on its Web site, the company is offering to acquire used copies of Half-Blood for $5." [more]
07.01.05 Alibris Visited
Americana Exchange
"As an online and brick and mortar bookseller with eighteen or so year's experience, I was curious as to how some of the 'big boys' run their businesses. Since my store is within thirty minutes of three of the biggest; Amazon, Alibris and Barnes & Noble, I thought I would contact them and see what was up in their neighborhoods." [more]
03.21.05 Newsletter: Interview with Brian Elliott, Alibris COO, on Search Campaigns
Great Minds in Retailing Online
"Search engine marketing took fire in our industry faster than in most others," says Brian Elliott. "It's not a high margin sale so you can't afford to spend $50 to acquire a customer ..." [more]
12.21.04 Add to Cart: Shopping for Rare Gifts a Click Away
Rocky Mountain News satisfies a similarly broad spectrum in the book world. The site supplies everything from bestsellers to rare books through auctions on eBay....[more]
12.20.04 Google and Research Libraries Launch Massive Digitization Project
Information Today
The Google Print interfaces will, however, connect to purchasing alternatives—links to online booksellers, such as and Barnes & Noble; to out-of-print booksellers, such as Alibris; and to libraries through the OCLC Open WorldCat library locator service....[more]
Book 'Em, Google
Google just made the Internet significantly bigger—at least for the worlds of search and book publishing ... There will also be links to local libraries and Alibris, a well-known Web site to buy used and out-of-print books....[more]
Industry Interview: Alibris
Bargain Book News
The simple Latin translation of "ex libris" is "from out of books comes knowledge." A new twist on that ancient phrase is taking place at Alibris, a fast-growing company founded on the concept that "from out of the Internet comes unlimited potential to connect book buyers and sellers around the globe."....[more]
New on the Scene
Publishers Weekly
Probably the biggest news at CIROBE 2004 was the first-time presence of two leading Internet used-book sites, Abebooks and Alibris. "The significance of their presence," said CIROBE cofounder Marshall Smith, "is that we know there are a lot of booksellers out there who don't necessarily buy remainders or, more specifically, perhaps, attend CIROBE. Now they have access to a new world of bargain books that they may not have previously recognized. In addition, we have a potential way to bring more customers to the show."....[more]
Libraries Purchase Books Online
Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier
An official at, an online-only bookseller that serves about 6,000 libraries, said public libraries are a growing part of its customer base....[more]
Alibris: Putting New Tech to the Service of Old Texts
San Francisco Business Times
Martin Manley sees his job as president and CEO of Alibris Inc. as a crusade to update a business sector that "hasn't changed much since the Renaissance."....[more]
09.27.04 What Price Used Books?
Publisher's Weekly
Until four years ago, used books were a thriving part of the trade book business, although confined mainly to often-musty stores, flea markets, or fundraising drives. But in as little time as it took to begin posting used-book offerings next to brand-new titles, the Internet has quickly brought secondhand books into the center of book readers' consciousness....[more]
Most of the 100 Largest E-retailers Don't Optimize Well for Natural Search
Internet Retailer
Twelve well-optimized sites, defined as having substantial indexable content throughout each site as well as unique title and meta tags, were spread evenly throughout the Top 100, ranging from (no. 7 in Internet Retailer's Top 100) to (no. 97)....[more]
09.20.04 A Rose by Any Other Name
Publisher's Weekly
When is a "used book" not a "used book," and how does the difference relate to CIROBE?....[more]
08.12.04 Booksellers Talk About Where They Will (and Will Not) Go Next
Mary Anne Dorman has about 2000 titles on and like many booksellers, she uses multiple sites. She is planning to move much of her inventory to when closes. She currently has about 3000 titles there....[more]
08.10.04 Tech Nation Interview: Marty Manley
Tech Nation
Moira Gunn speaks with Marty Manley, the President and CEO of Alibris. Hear how Alibris' effort to sell used, out-of-print and hard-to-find books online delivered on its promise, and successfully made it through the dot-com bust.
[listen to Marty's Manley's interview with Real Player]
(If you need Real Player, you can get it here.)
07.16.04 Alibris: Paddling Along in Amazon's Tributaries
San Francisco Business Times
05.22.04 Bids Displease Alibris, IPO Yanked
Contra Costa Times
Alibris Inc., an Emeryville-based online marketplace for used books, on Friday withdrew its initial public offering ....[more]
05.12.04 Alibris Book Marketplace Files for IPO
Auction Bytes
Online marketplace Alibris announced last week it will go public. The company has a network of over 5,000 independent professional booksellers who sell used and hard-to-find books....[more]
05.10.04 Going Public: Everybody's Doing It
It's like the '90s all over again: A mega-IPO is in the offing and investors of all stripes are hoping other companies will dazzle Wall Street in just the same way Google has....[more]
07.17.03 Out of Print Bestsellers
The Christian Science Monitor
A funny thing happened on the way to obsolescence. The Internet revolution, which was supposed to consign printed books to the shredder, instead energized the market for old ones....[more]

Book Groups Call for Patriot Act Amendment
Free Expression Network
The book and library community today announced its strong support for the Freedom to Read Protection Act (H.R. 1157), a bill that restores the protections for the privacy of book and library records that were eliminated by the U.S.A. Patriot Act....[more]

04.23.03 Thank the Troops—Send a Book
Right now the nation's attention is focused on Iraq, but troops are still stationed in Afghanistan—and they're hungry for something to read. At customers can purchase books from a list of titles....[more]