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Book Fetch Tips & Tricks

Book Fetch makes it easy to locate that hard-to-find book. Follow these tips to get the most out of Book Fetch.

  • Enter the title of the book from the beginning. Book Fetch matches the title you enter from left to right, not by keyword.
  • Enter the author, last name first. (Entering last name, first initial will get you the best results.)
  • Enter ISBN with 13 digits, excluding spaces or dashes. Remember, not all books are listed with ISBNs-you may get better results searching only by title and author.
  • Use the "narrow your search by" fields with care-these fields will limit your matches! Try entering two Book Fetch requests for the same book, one with limiters and one without-compare the results.
  • Remember: less is more and more is less! The more search terms you enter, the fewer matches you'll receive.
  • Be meticulous with your spelling. Book Fetch will send you only exact matches to your request.

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