Go for the Gold: Best Olympic Books

Olympic Rings Sochi

If you’re like us, you want to spend the next two weeks glued to the TV watching the Olympics. Unfortunately, we have day jobs to attend to so it won’t work out that way. But we have good news! We’ve picked out a few sporty reads for you to keep the Olympic good vibes going even after the games.

Flight to Berlin cover imageFlight to Berlin by David John

This book details the history of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Rife with politics as the Nazi assume power in the Third Reich, John tells the story of athletes overcoming challenges and reminding the world that we are all in it together.

Sports history is fascinating and if you want a few more options on sports books visit our genre page.


The Dirtiest Race in HistoryThe Dirtiest Race in History by Richard Moore

The 1988 Seoul Olympics played host to what has been described by some as the dirtiest race of all time, by others as the greatest. Athlete Ben Johnson was stripped of his goal after testing positive for steroid usage. But after both other medalists, Carl Lewis and Linford Christie tested positive as using steroids, too, it became a battle for who truly was the best athlete in the mens 100 meter race.

Moore gives great historical context and speaks to the continual relevance of this snapshot in history today.

Gold cover imageGold by Chris Cleave

From the author of the best-seller, Little Bee comes a story for those looking for a more literary link to the Olympics. In this fictional tale, a mother and athlete is training for the gold at the Olympics when her daughter is diagnosed with leukemia.

Cleave deftly manages this heart breaking story about what it means to succeed and the limits, both physical and emotional, that we can push ourselves to.


What are your favorite sports stories, Olympic themed or not?



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