Top Five Hunky Fictional Boyfriends

Girl Kissing Boy Holding heart

It’s Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not we think you can appreciate our list of Top Five Hunky Fictional Boyfriends. Let’s all collectively swoon now.


joshJosh, from Clueless

If I want to be totally honest this was my first on-screen crush (minus Trent from Daria…). Josh is that older, wiser and totally worthy BF you always dreamed of. Swoooon #1.


Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in Pride and PrejudiceMr. Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice

We can’t resist including a photo of Colin Firth in here (the ultimate Mr. Darcy). Sure, it’s the obvious choice for all us romantics but that doesn’t make it any less reasonable. Darcy represents the perfect brooding, yet devoted guy in your life. He gets a permanent place on this list.


Peeta Mellark from The Hunger GamesPeeta, from The Hunger Games

Here’s a newer addition to the list of swoon-worthy boyfriends. Though Katniss has herself caught in a love triangle we can’t help but think Peeta is the better choice. He has that certain something, starting with the fact that he thinks Katniss is the best thing since sliced bread and will do anything for her. Enough said.

Daughter of Smoke and BoneAkiva, from Daughter of Smoke and Bone (and Days of Blood & Starlight)

Akiva is that somewhat obsessive, borderline problematic boyfriend who wants to spend every moment with you. But something about his love for Karou makes us melt because he overcomes so many obstacles to just be with her.

This new-ish series stole our hearts with the forbidden romance between Akiva and Karou. The world building is awesome for fantasy fans and it’s the perfect time to start reading since the new and final book in the series comes out this Spring.


The Time Traveler's Wife cover imageHenry, from The Time Traveler’s Wife

Continuing on that forbidden love trend we have going, Henry and Clare are the ultimate. Bound by a timeless love, literally, they cherish every moment together. And while Henry has his faults — he’s not the most dependable — we love how devoted he is to Clare. And he’s a librarian. Does it get more dreamy than that? It helps that he’s played by Eric Bana in the movie.



Enjoy your loved ones today! And let us know who we missed in the comments.


  • yourpal

    These are so on point. But what about Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing)?? Stud with a sensitive side.

    • zluderitz

      So true! I also always loved Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You.

      • Andrew Harner

        Gosh, for me that movie was all about Joseph Gordon Levitt. Talk about a sensitive soul!

        • yourpal

          Can my fictional crush be on the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack? It’s priceless.

  • Lynsey Erin

    I 3rd Heath Ledger! love that movie so much! But Mr. Darcy is an excellent choice as well….

    • zluderitz

      Good, I thought I was the only one who loved Heath!

  • CSarfati

    Although a little young, you can’t argue with Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson in Titanic!

    • zluderitz

      His hair was so dreamy in the movie!

      • CSarfati

        So true! He’s gotten better with age though.