Best Books of 2016: A Winter Reading List

Best Books of 2016: A Winter Reading List

2016 produced so many great books, we thought we would take another look at some of the bestselling titles that you may have missed. What better way to spend a wintry night than curling up with a good book? Take an armchair vacation, get lost in an intriguing thriller, read[…]

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Fall Prey to the Change of Seasons: 5 Novels to Keep You Awake All Night

Fall Prey to the Change of Seasons: 5 Novels to Keep You Awake All Night

As October settles upon us, the leaves curl, crack and fall in heaps along the old byways of forgotten towns. Lazy patterns of autumnal colors–veins of orange, stains of red–bleed into the paling blue sky of evening. A dirty lace curtain flutters against a peeling window frame. A door slams,[…]

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From Three Investigators #7, The Mystery of the Fiery Eye

The Three Investigators Vintage Mystery Books

Of all the mystery books I read as a kid the series I remember most is The Alfred Hitchcock Mystery series, The Three investigators. Alfred Hitchcock himself had almost nothing to do with the series, but his name helped parents decide that these books were great reading material for their[…]

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Your Favorite Dark Fantasy Books

Your Favorite Dark Fantasy Books

Alibris recently asked our community to tell us what their favorite dark fantasy books are, and we added some of them to our August Gift Guide.  We were happy at the great response we got from our readers and hope you will check out our community pages and communicate with us[…]

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Summer Beach Reads

Summer Beach Reads

“Summer beach read” means different things to different people. For some it means sultry romance, for others fast-paced thrillers, still others may think of the latest unapproved celebrity biography. What all these genres have in common is that they are books that are fun and easy. They are books that[…]

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Image from This One Summer, originally excerpted by Comics&Cola

Eisner Awards: This Year’s Award-winning Graphic Novels

This past Friday at San Diego ComicCon, the Eisner awards were given out to honor the best comics published in 2014. Many categories were honored, from best anthology to best writer. When many people think of comics, they think of short-form works like the Sunday morning newspaper funnies or single[…]

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Image from Build It with Dad, a book from Popular Woodworking magazine

Father’s Day Gifts Sure to Delight

Father’s Day is June 21st, so we thought we would present some books dad’s may like.  The first selection of books below focuses on books we think will be favorable to those of the dad persuasion. The second half of the post highlights two interesting books that are fun gifts for[…]

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The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2014 (Nebula Awards)

The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2014 (Nebula Awards)

This past weekend in Chicago, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) announced the Nebula award winners for the best sci-fi and fantasy of 2014. Rather than a small panel of judges, the Nebula award winners are chosen by all SFWA active members, who consist of professional fantasy[…]

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Radical Fairy Justin Vivian Bond and Tony-award winner Alan Cumming at the 2015 Lambda Literary Awards

Lambda Literary Award 2015 Winners Announced

As we delve into our exploration theme this month, it’s not only literal mountains and streams we cross. The best exploration in books comes from our ability to put ourselves in another person’s shoes. The march of history seems to be towards acceptance. We come to recognize that different isn’t[…]

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