The Sellamillion: The Disappointing 'Other' Book


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It's no joke: parodies sellamillion! After the huge success (100,000 copies) of "The Soddit," it's time to poke more fun at Tolkien. So "The Lord of the Rings" swept the Oscars--all the more reason to continue to tweak, spoof, and lampoon the cult of Tolkien. Despite its title, "The Sellamillion" isn't a satire of "The Silmarillion"; how could it be? Though every one of the author's fans has a copy on the shelf, on the shelf is where it's stayed; almost no one actually managed to read past page three. The fun here lies in ...

The Sellamillion: The Disappointing 'Other' Book 2004, Gollancz

ISBN-13: 9780575076112