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2 With a global average irradiance of 342 W/m, the Sun is by far the largest source of energy for planet Earth. In comparison, the internal energy produced by Earth 2 itself is only about 0. 087 W/m (Pollack et al., 1993), which in turn is 3. 5 times 2 larger than the 0. 025 W/m of heat produced by the burning of fossil fuels. About 31% (31 units) of the solar energy which arrives at the top of the - mosphere is re?ected back to space by scattering from clouds, aerosols, and the Earth's surface. Almost 20 units of solar ...

Solar Variability and Planetary Climates 2010, Springer

ISBN-13: 9781441923714

Trade paperback

Solar Variability and Planetary Climates 2007, Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

ISBN-13: 9780387483399

2007 edition