Pretty, popular, Eva is like any other sixteen-year-old. That is until her Dad dies and suddenly her whole world seems to be falling apart. The only person she can really talk to is Zac, the new guy in school, who somehow always seems to know the right thing to say. But cute, scruffy, guitar-mad, Zac has his own problems. To his buddies down the golf club, Zac's father is an all-round nice guy, but at home Zac and his mother see a different side. When Eva starts dating Killian Laine, resident rubgy hero, Zac realises that ...

Forget 2007, Hachette Books Ireland, Castleknock

ISBN-13: 9780340923849

Mass-market paperback

Forget 2006, Hodder & Stoughton, Dublin

ISBN-13: 9780340920886

Trade paperback