Death Rides a Chestnut Mare


In the aftermath of the Civil War, a blacksmith from Missouri decides to travel to Texas to purchase a cattle herd. He hopes to sell the herd up north and turn a profit for his family to live on. However, the blacksmith had not reckoned on the dangers of the lawless plains, and is set upon and killed by a band of outlaws. When news of his death reaches his family, his eldest daughter straps on her father's colts and sets off on her father's chestnut mare, using her father's name in a personal campaign for revenge!

Death Rides a Chestnut Mare 2002, Thorndike Press, Waterville, ME

ISBN-13: 9780786241828

Large type / large print


Death Rides a Chestnut Mare 1999, Berkley Books, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780451197610

Mass-market paperback