The Night People are safe at last. After all the ugly pranks and vicious murders, things have finally started to return to normal. The friends who are left try to forget and move on, taking comfort by meeting up at their old hang out, Nights. It was the ancient spirit of Angelica Fear that caused all the trouble. And now she's been destroyed once and for all. Burned in a fire. But if it's true that the horror is dead, what did Angelica mean when her voice cried out from the flames?... "The Evil Lives!"

Darkest Dawn 2012, Simon Pulse

ISBN-13: 9781442460584

Trade paperback

Darkest Dawn 2006, Simon & Schuster Children's, New York

ISBN-13: 9781416904144


Darkest Dawn 2005, Simon Pulse

ISBN-13: 9780689878664

Mass-market paperback