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You're part of a big community at Alibris. Whether you're an existing seller or are considering joining us, you'll find message boards, lots of real Alibris staffers answering your questions, and other helpful information geared toward your success.

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Message boards for sellers
You'll find community in a variety of discussion boards at Alibris.

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We're always seeking to bring more customers your way through partner news alerts like the following:

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Every month, we send "best practices" e-mails from staff members who put their years of experience to work for you.

Inventory management tips to help you sell more books, music, and movies
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Our famous founder's column

Dr. Richard Weatherford is a well-known and highly regarded bookseller and expert, with decades of experience and know-how, who publishes a handy monthly column.

Our founder's tips for better book, music, and movie sales
Celebrating ten years of independent sellers