Easy Inventory Management

Introducing "My Inventory Manager": one stop for listing and selling!

If you sell through more than one site, you probably use some type of inventory management software to help you keep track of your items on multiple venues. You may not realize that Alibris has all the tools you need to successfully manage your items for sale—included with your regular seller account at no additional charge!

Use "My Inventory Manager" to create listings one at a time, upload multiple listings in bulk, research the best prices using our Alibris Inventory Demand* feature, edit exiting listings, or download a copy of what you already have listed.

Try My Inventory Manager today!

Add Items: Use our extensive catalog assets for a quick match and easy addition to your stock, or create a new listing from scratch.

Upload Listings: We accept all tab-delimited formats, including UIEE, .txt, HomeBase (txt), Amazon Open Listings Report, and Excel.

Alibris Inventory Demand*: Enter an ISBN and get historical sales data, current for-sale pricing data, and the "Alibris Sales Index," rating the likelihood of the item to be purchased.

Edit Your Listings: Keep your descriptions accurate and complete, add an image, or freshen up your prices. Try out our custom reports to help select repricing candidates.

Download Listings: Select the format you would like for your download file: tab-delimited, UIEE or HomeBase.


Alibris makes it easy for you to keep your inventory fresh, promoting accurate listings, quick sales, and plenty of happy customers!

* for Alibris Gold sellers

Best practices tips help you sell more.

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