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This is part II of a three-part series on getting to know the authors. Today’s post will introduce author Steve Cianfichi.

I’ve been collecting stamps, on and off, for most of my life. Whenever I live near a stamp store my collection seems to grow, though naturally I have been known to buy stamps online as well. I have limited my own collection to space-related postage stamps. I really enjoy the stamps from the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries though I collect all space stamps. I even have a blog

Below are some stamps from my own collection. You’ll find a lot more on my blog.

Grenada 294 France 1148 Hungary 1385

Laika Grenada Bulgria

Hungary c295 tumblr_nmohppBq4o1tvnwhro1_500 tumblr_nmph3in3oR1tvnwhro1_500

The stamp below shows cooperation between the USA and the then Soviet Union. There is a lot of history and information in each of these stamps as the diagram below really shows.

USA 2634a USA-USSR-25-cent-space-stamp300-page

If you’re interested in collecting stamps, Alibris has a few books you may want to grab.

11-6Guide to Stamp Collecting

by Janet Klug

The first is Guide to Stamp Collecting by Janet Klug. Whether you’ve always wanted to start a stamp collection or already have the beginnings of one, this is the definitive guide to becoming a smart and savvy stamp collector, with information on everything from the history of stamps to surprising celebrity philatelists to the best way to remove stamps from envelopes. You’ll receive priceless expert advice on: Finding and identifying stamps, caring for and exhibiting your collection, and understanding collecting terms.


Stamp Collecting

by Stephen R. Datz

Stamp Collecting book cover

Of Course I like the next book since the cover clearly shows some very nice space stamps. Stamp Collecting by Stephen R. Datz has been newly revised and updated. Stamp Collecting contains everything you need to know to get started. Written by long-time stamp dealer and philatelic author Stephen R. Datz, Stamp Collecting covers the essentials in a series of convenient, easy-to-use chapters. Datz makes use of his experience and intimate knowledge of the hobby to explain how to go about obtaining the maximum enjoyment from philately. Profuse illustrations augment the text. Perfect for anyone interested in discovering the fun of the world’s most popular hobby!

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