Get Addicted to These Comic Book Series

Image from Astro City #8 from Vertigo Comics
Image from Astro City #8, published by Vertigo comics

As San Diego Comic Com wrapped up this weekend I want to talk about comics.  A lot of people don’t realize that many of our independent Sellers list, sell, and ship comic books on the Alibris marketplace.

We recently highlighted two comics in our gift guide; Batman; The killing Joke and Superman Unchained.  This Batman tale is written by legendary comic writer Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Watchmen), and it’s one of the most popular Batman comics ever released. Superman Unchained was planned to coincide with the release of the first Superman reboot. Writer Scott Snyder said of this take on the man of steel, “I tried to take all of Superman’s greatest strengths and turned them into weaknesses, turning them on their head to challenge him. There’s new things and they will surprise you, it has all the iconic moments you’d want, but it’s still classic Superman even though it’s fresh and different.” Scott Snyder is no stranger to awards himself. He’s won just about every comics award there is: the Eisner, the Harvey, the Eagle, and the Stan Lee award, including a Stan Lee award for Man of the Year.

If you can’t wait to watch the forthcoming Batman Versus Superman film, these comics should whet your appetite.

Batman the killing Joke           Suoerman Unchained

Comics are a medium and not only a genre—it’s not all about superheroes! We also highlighted a series of graphic novels titled He’s My Only Vampire, a manga targeted at mature teens. It would appeal more to fans of Twilight than, say, Antman. In fact, this same publisher releases the comic version of Twilight, as well  the Big Hero 6 comics, now an animated feature film. Yen Press is a US-based graphic novel publisher that releases a wide range of Japanese and Korean comics. Think of them as our literary ambassadors, bridging the gap between pop culture east and west. They are currently planning a gun-toting reboot of Alice in Wonderland.


One of the comics, up for more than one Eisner Award this year at Comic Com is the Astro City series by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson.  Much like the landmark Watchmen, Astro City unpacks the superhero genre by exploring how regular people would really react to living amidst superheroes, and what those heroes think about and do when they’re not saving lives. The characters and city age in real time, so those who grew up reading it in the nineties can watch the characters age with them in the new issues. Astro City also has a ton of allusions to the superhero comics that came before it, so it can be a fun series for those who are already intimate with the world of superhero comics. The Astro City creators have won Eisner Awards in the past and I wish them luck this year.

ac1  ac2  ac3


I will usually buy comic books, read them, then I will package them up nicely as gifts for my nephew. Placing the comics in Mylar sleeves with a backing board makes a nice presentation.  The stories told in comics are usually told through a series of books so, as a gift, my nephew is getting all the books at once and has the complete story ready to read.  If you are not a collector but still enjoy reading comics than this is a great idea.

One set I recently gave away as a gift was Resident Alien by Peter Hogan and illustrator Steve Parkhouse.

RS1     RS2

This is the story of an alien who becomes stranded on earth and hides undercover as a retired doctor until he can be rescued.  He just wants to be left alone but you already know that isn’t going to work out.

Let us know what comics you have read recently and what comics you enjoy.  Hope you had fun at ComicCon!



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