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Halloween Kids Books

Halloween Kids Books

As Halloween is fast approaching I wanted to suggest a kid’s book instead of a tooth decaying treat. These books are very inexpensive, starting at 99 cents, and will last a lot longer than candy.  The great thing about a child’s book is that they will remember it forever.  […]

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Image from Build It with Dad, a book from Popular Woodworking magazine

Father’s Day Gifts Sure to Delight

Father’s Day is June 21st, so we thought we would present some books dad’s may like.  The first selection of books below focuses on books we think will be favorable to those of the dad persuasion. The second half of the post highlights two interesting books that are fun gifts for[…]

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Words to live by, in today's sci-fi dystopia.

Happy Towel Day, You Hoopy Froods

Today is Towel Day, the day we celebrate the works of Douglas Adams. Adams is best known for the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and its sequels. Douglas Adams is one of my favorite authors. Yes, he was funny, but what I love is that all his books take[…]

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Alibris 2015 participants in National Bike to Work Day. So nice to work in an office where you can take your bicycle inside.

Books for National Bike to Work Day (and Our Biggest Giveaway Yet!)

Today in the United States and Canada it’s National Bike to Work Day. As bike commuter myself, naturally I’m going to use that as excuse to celebrate books about that most marvelous invention, the bicycle. The “I Love Books and Bicycles” Grab Bag Giveaway But that’s not all. Today we’re[…]

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