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negative comment by Leoncio S on Mar 13, 2017

The item "Real Presences" was supposed to be mailed March 7, 2017. It's now March 13, and I've tracked USPS and no item has yet been received by them.

positive comment by Sandra C on Jan 8, 2017


negative comment by Barry on Nov 16, 2016

I'm very disappointed with Smith's Books. My order never arrived, and the seller never responded to either of my attempts to reach out to them. Alibris had to step in and handle my refund, and I ended up purchasing the book from a different seller.

negative comment by casey p on Oct 28, 2016

Book was due to be delivered August 15th and never arrived. I wrote several messages to the seller inquiring about the order's status and have still received no reply at all.

negative comment by Darlene J on Oct 21, 2016

Never received my product. Had a ship date of October 7th and I have yet to receive my book!!!

negative comment by John B on Jul 8, 2016

July 8 have not rec'd book yet.

positive comment by Albert S on Jun 6, 2016

Book received on 6/6/16 in fair condition as stated. Cover torn, pages dog-eared.

positive comment by CadillacJack on Sep 19, 2015

I am pleased with the transaction with this seller and Alibris. The book was carefully wrapped and safely shipped. It arrived a few days later than I expected, but not outside of a reasonable range. I would buy from this seller again.

positive comment by Gabriel H on Sep 1, 2015

Thanks for the speedy service!

negative comment by Raymond H on Aug 30, 2015

Item has not arrived to date. Another Alibis order not completed. My experience with the company is not at all positive.

positive comment by Paul on Aug 24, 2015

Thank you

positive comment by Victoria D on Aug 16, 2015

This was a gift for my father. He was very pleased with it, as we are both Columbo fans. Thank you.

positive comment by Mary E on Aug 16, 2015

Delivery of media mail by the post office is terribly slow. Quick packing and delivery to the post office is very important.

negative comment by Matthew S on Aug 11, 2015

COMPLETELY FALSE REPRESENTATION! Book rated "Very Good", and "Book is in very good condition. Its clean with minimal to no writing." Virtually every single page in the book had writing with pen and/or yellow highlighter. I WOULD NOT TRUST THIS SELLER.

negative comment by J.M. S on Aug 10, 2015

have not received this book--how much longer should I wait---thanks JMS

positive comment by yvonn p on Jul 27, 2015

Book just received today 7/27, a bit longer to arrive than promised(7/21). Happy w/condition of book, it was in very good condition. Overall satisfied.

neutral comment by Diana P on Jul 9, 2015

There was no protection to the book; it was mailed in a thin plastic envelope--no other packaging at all.

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