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Posted June 13, 2019

We continue to add theology, church history, and liturgy books on a regular basis.  We also have been adding a lot of art books lately as well.  Check out our listings!!  All sales are used to support our library and add more books....

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Reformed Episcopal Seminary

Reformed Episcopal Seminary

Although we sell a lot of theology books, as a disclaimer, not every book (theological or otherwise) in our bookstore aligns with our theology as a Seminary.

The Reformed Episcopal Seminary was founded in 1887 in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as the "Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church". The seminary educates and trains Christians for lay and ordained ministries and is distinguished by a strong commitment to belief in the inerrancy of the Bible as the word of God, adherence to reformed theology, worship and polity in the tradition of the English Reformation. An emphasis is placed on pastoral ministry training, evangelism, and the apostolic and catholic faith and tradition. Thank you for your purchase and support!"

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