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Posted December 11, 2016

Beautiful edition of this longish novel; should hold up under multiple readings. Arrived quickly and very carefully packaged. I'll definitely look for this seller again; arguably the best of quite a good lot. I don't have any complaints....

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Phaeton Books

Phaeton Books

In MAY & JUNE, AUDIO CD format books for your vacation needs are featured. In JULY & AUG, BEACH READS will be featured, and in SEPT AND OCT, ESPIONAGE in fact and fiction. Our LOYALTY PROGRAM welcomes you to email or query us so we may lower your price after the SPRING SALE ends May 31st, or if you prefer, upgrade to PRIORITY SHIPPING at regular shipping cost. QUERY for free GIFT WRAPPING.

PLEASE NOTE: UPGRADES TO 1ST CLASS (whenever noted) MAY NOT APPLY DURING SALE PERIODS. We'd rather save you the money. THIS IS ALSO THE CASE WITHIN about 100 MILES OF NYC. There is little value to you, as they are in the same shipping area. Use our LOYALTY PROGRAM for all 7000+ TITLES. QUERY US for a discount (or shipping upgrade) on any future purchases. NOW with BASIC SHIPPING QUICKER TO UK AND EUROPE. Phaeton Books started as my own life-long collection and a book stall I had on Cape Cod (Mass.) in the nineties. While strong in US and foreign fiction, we turn to history to get an understanding of the world, and not just from an American POV. And with - travel, war, archeology, philosophy, art and oddities.

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ANOTHER HAPPY AMAZON READER - posted by Phaeton Books on December 11, 2016

Beautiful edition of this longish novel; should hold up under multiple readings. Arrived quickly and very carefully packaged. I'll definitely look for this seller again; arguably the best of quite a good lot. I don't have any complaints about most Amazon sellers, but this transaction was exceptionally satisfactory.  (A novel by Georgette Heyer.) read more

Word from Oregon, Aug 2016 THANK YOU - posted by Phaeton Books on August 24, 2016

Item as described, fast delivery, secure packaging. Repeat customer. read more

FROM THE UK, CUSTOMER SENDS GOOD NEWS - posted by Phaeton Books on June 10, 2016

Positive comment by Kay G on June 9, 2016 Absolutely delighted with this excellent book, very well packed and arrived within the time stated. Order #58989098-1 read more

MORE LOVE FROM OUR LOVELY CUSTOMERS - posted by Phaeton Books on February 5, 2016

Thank you for your prompt shipping, and followup email, as well as your very efficient and friendly customer service.  All are very much appreciated. Prior to my next purchase, I plan to utilize your LOYALTY PROGRAM.  Thank you for bringing that to my attention.  - GORDON, 2/5/16 I’m overwhelmed — delightfully so, I must say!    You shipped the book practically before the order had left my computer, which is seriously good service.   I.... read more

WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS, AND THEY US - posted by Phaeton Books on January 21, 2016

Positive comment by G. Elliot on January 6, 2016 Excellent vendor; efficient,, excellent in communication, top rate packaging, and very timely shipping; well deserved 5 Star rating. Thank you read more

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT - posted by Phaeton Books on January 7, 2016

TO START THE YEAR weve had an excellent item of feedback for 2016. Positive comment by G. Elliot on January 6, 2016 Excellent vendor; efficient,, excellent in communication, top rate packaging, and very timely shipping; well deserved 5 Star rating. Thank you read more

surprise shipping upgrade MOVES US - posted by Phaeton Books on July 16, 2015

Thank you for the surprise shipping upgrade. I needed this for a class and got it in plenty of time. --And we thank you Juti for the kind feedback. read more

WE LOVE OUR PACKAGING RAVES - posted by Phaeton Books on June 7, 2015

"this book was extraordinarily wrapped, as if it were something to treasure and hold as being precious. I had fun opening it." - from Melonee in Alhambra, CA in May.  (Editor's note: Thanks so much for that, Melonee. SOMETIMES OUR 1ST CLASS UPGRADES don't get the same love in wrapping.  Weight restrictions won't permit it.  But they get there SO MUCH FASTER.) read more

IT'S HERE: OUR FIFTH ANNIVERSARY AND JUNE SALE - posted by Phaeton Books on May 3, 2015

We havn't been so excited around here since that June day in 2010 when we opened our online store at Alibris with our private collection of just a thousand books.  It's our 5th anniversary. We thought then it might speed up our private acquisitions and introduce us to new authors.  And has it ever.  We've now over 6000 titles.  We also grew tired of walking into good used bookstores and seeing so many fine books priced, it seemed arbritrarily, at close to $20 each.... read more

INTERESTING FEEDBACK SUMMER 2014 - posted by Phaeton Books on August 31, 2014

It was such a supreme pleasure to receive a book from a seller, wrapped and posted with such care! I order tons of books on line, and this seller is tops when it comes to being honest about the book's condition, and keeping it in the best condition possible until it arrived at my home. Keep up the good work, it's greatly appreciated~* An Amazon customer. read more

GREAT FEEDBACK AT PARTNER AMAZON - posted by Phaeton Books on May 19, 2014

This seller is outstanding among the many independent sellers I have purchased books from on Amazon! Condition of book is better than described; personal email sent to notify book has shipped; book is VERY carefully padded, wrapped & protected; & shipped very promptly. I hope to do business w/ this bookseller again! [5/15/14] -- Michelle, Collingswood, NJ THANKS FOR TAKING THE TROUBLE TO FEEDBACK.  WE SELLER'S REALLY APPRECIATE IT. read more

YOU ARE BUYING IN GOOD COMPANY: - posted by Phaeton Books on December 30, 2013


LOVE FOREIGN FINDS: Spanish, German, French, Itali - posted by Phaeton Books on October 8, 2013

And my first SPANISH FEEDBACK.  (Glad she left a translation, though I was figuring it out. My French helps.) El libro llego a tiempo. Es todo lo que esperaba. Estoy muy contenta con esta compania. Volveria a comprarles denuevo. Puedo recommendar que compren de ellos. The book got here on time. It was everything that I was expecting. I am very pleased with the seller. I would purchase from them again. I highly recommend this seller.  MUCHOS GRACIAS SENORA/SENORITA JENNIFER read more

HATS OFF TO YOU WHO TAKE THE TROUBLE TO FEEDBACK - posted by Phaeton Books on June 30, 2013

Positive comment by zimnaya on June 20, 2013 A beautifully crisp, clean second-hand book, securely parceled and with obvious care. Speedily received. A wholly dependable bookseller. An excellent experience. Thank you for your kind words! read more

FEATURED SELLER means SAVINGS FOR YOU - posted by Phaeton Books on October 12, 2012

We must be doing something right. FOR THESE FEEW WEEKS, YOU ARE IN OUR LOYALTY PROGRAM - before you ever buy a book.  In a hurry?  ASk US to ship First Class or Prority.  If we can't - owing to postal weight rules - we'll split the difference with you and lower the item price making Prority shipping more affordable to you.  Do this before you buy and get a prompt reply - and QUICK DELIVERY. At Phaeton books, it PAYS TO ASK for quick delivery. Dave Drolet, your Aliris.... read more

A precious little volume (Anil's Ghost) - posted by Phaeton Books on September 26, 2012

Dear Charioteer Books (our Amazon Partner store), A precious little volume, received two days ago, 09.24.2012, so carefully wrapped. An earlier order elsewhere was lost in transit, so I was especially happy to receive this. You have my profound thank you for the exactness of your description. I hope to be dealing with you again. Sincerely Yours, Susan Clothier  read more

GREAT RECENT FEEDBACK -- WE THANK YOU - posted by Phaeton Books on September 25, 2011

Check these out: Peter T on Sept 25th - Normally, I don't bother with leaving feedback. Pain in the ass. In this case, though, I'm glad to do so. Seller was superb on all counts. Accurate in description, careful in packaging, and prompt in shipping. In short, thoughtful and accommodating. Lene on Sept 7th - This order arrived very fast ahead of estimated arrival time, the packaging was good and the book was in excellent shape. I've almost finished the book and am enjoying it.... read more

WE ENJOY WRAPPING BOOKS: THIS RESPONSE PROVES IT - posted by Phaeton Books on April 21, 2011

Top-drawer merchant. Book in perfect condition and exactly as described. Amazon needs to take lessons from Charioteer* on how to package books, to wit, meticulously, nay, elegantly wrapped to ensure the book arrives undamaged. Many thanks!  NO, allow me to thank this reader from Campbell, CA for his kind words.   We will ship your book the same way  All wrapped with 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS. *Charioteer Books is our merchant name at Amazon©, where we co-list all the.... read more

Cote BASQUE, San Sebastian, HONDARRIBIA, EUSKADI - posted by Phaeton Books on December 2, 2010

That drive through northern Spain to get here on the Bay of Biscay, where France ceases at the Pyrenees and Spain juts out into the Atlantic, is impossible to forget.  Haunted and abandoned castles on nearby hilltops, dry desert of Aragon turning into the verdant Ebro Valley of Navarre.   It's capital, Pamplona, even without the bulls running and Hemingway getting drunk (especially), is celestial.  The occasional religious roadside shrine, the less evident but persistent.... read more

After BARCELONA, the LAND OF DON QUIXOTE - posted by Phaeton Books on November 22, 2010

It was after noon the day my nephew Aaron and I got out of Madrid on a straight shot to BARCELONA in the rental.  My sister Pat and her long time partner Kate paralleled our trip, we in the rental, they in the fast train.  We stayed a single night, and also for the bull fight on Sunday at the old arena near the SAGRADA FAMILIA, Gaudi's masterpiece of a 20th century church.   We had not been in a church since Segovia, and were not about to start again with one so pricey.... read more

SEGOVIA IN THE SNOW, as Ferlinghetti would have it - posted by Phaeton Books on November 20, 2010

On a day trip from Madrid, some thirty of us boarded a bus and climbed a thousand feet into the northwestern hills about that many miles out of the city to the cooler air of Segovia.  With such a large group as we were, it had always been possible in Madrid to get around on our own.  But as with our day in Toledo, we had a wonderful tour guide, and so we were not our own masters. And so it was here when my nephew Aaron announced (to me), after we managed our way.... read more

TOLEDO (ta lay' dough)- SPAIN sans CAMERA - posted by Phaeton Books on November 18, 2010

A DAY TRIP OUT OF MADRID, TOLEDO is a marvel.  Perched over a bend in the river on the Route of Don Quixote, linking the city with La Mancha Castile, is a  town occupied since the Bronze Age.  Does that means it's old?  You bet it does. If your on your way further south to Andalusi'a, it's a great stop.  Even the old churches have art collections that include Velazquez and El Greco, and you don't have to pay the pricey admission fees you.... read more

MADRID'S CENTRAL PARK: EL RETIRO and GYPSY MUSIC - posted by Phaeton Books on November 16, 2010

The best place to start the day in Madrid is "up" at the EL RETIRO, or "Parque del Buen Retiro," formerly ROYAL GARDENS, on a hilltop, quite extensive, and more gentle and pretty than New York's bustling, nervous Central Park.  Joggers, puppet shows around the lake, and of course punting boats can be expected, but how 'bout a crazy, man-made mountain you can walk around on.  It reminds me of the one in Paris at the Buttes-Chaumont.   But forget.... read more

THE PRADO, Las Meninas, and LATE HOURS - posted by Phaeton Books on November 12, 2010

Our sixteen days in Spain in the spring of 2007 started soberly enough, with a private tour of an exhibition at the Prado of the works of a Venetian painter, the catalog of which was produced with the efforts of my brother's life partner.  He conducted the tour with great panache, mentioning before speaking of the largest painting in the most prominent position, that it was "the worst piece" in the lot, and for good and many reasons he went on to enumerate.  He.... read more

MADRID IN SPRING - posted by Phaeton Books on November 10, 2010

What a stunning, friendly town.  Everyone said we would be bored with the rest of Spain after a week in the great city of Madrid, pronounced more or less Mah-dreeeed, with a guttural ending, as the bus tour guide explained coming from the airport. So much to get used to: the FOOD, ah me!  Tapas! Delicious, but also strange, difficult flavors everywhere.  So much old, so much modern.  Walking from our hotel by the Porta de Atocha rail station, south of the center,.... read more

TWO WEEKS ONLY: SPAIN: it's MAGIC and PATHOS - posted by Phaeton Books on November 9, 2010

What is it about Spain?  I don't even speak Spanish, and yet love the place.  A mere two weeks there three years ago with a lot of my family for an exhibition of paintings at the Prado, the last week being off to drive through the Pyrenees from Barcelona with my nephew Aaron.  We busted the tail light of the rental in one of those casbah hill towns in Castile left over from muslim Spain.  The road kept getting narrower as we climbed the hill.  Finally we got.... read more

SPAIN COMING IN NOVEMBER, and a fun comment - posted by Phaeton Books on October 19, 2010

The autumn spectacular leaf coloring that makes the Northeast so briefly electric is at peak in the New Jersey Highlands, as you see in the photo taken mid October.  We are planning our SPAIN spectacular, with comment and books to include travel, political dialogue, and fiction, literary and popular.  Send us ideas for books you want.  And all of them, as my nephew Aaron likes about my site, at prices I myself would be willing to pay. Then after Thanksgiving and through.... read more

OCTOBER SIZZLES !!! DAVE THINKS THE COLD TEMP - posted by Phaeton Books on October 5, 2010

has people looking for books?  They're flying out the door here, doing a month of sales in one long weekend. Thank you for your purchases. The Man Booker Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, not to forget the Bancroft ... We have them all on SPOTLIGHT this month.  Some short-listed, even some long-listed.  Take a chance on a writer you've heard of, and now you can afford to try.  Buying two on the page even lowers your overall shipping per.... read more

SEPTEMBER ALLOWS NO TIME TO READ. - posted by Phaeton Books on September 5, 2010

IT CAN BE DIFFICULT to find the time in September to read, but all the more reason to value the relaxation to the body a book gives while engaging the mind.  You may have heard of a writer during the summer, maybe someone a friend suggested, or someone you just never got to.  This is your chance.  Our selection is small, but eclectic. IF YOU came to this site after finding another book you liked and wanted to see if there might be another of the same quality,.... read more