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negative comment by Jay I on Sep 12, 2021

I would have loved to believe that this book was available, but I never received it. And when I followed up, I was never given any tracking information. I feel it's only right to warn other users to be wary of this seller.

negative comment by Jefferson P on Sep 10, 2021

Three weeks after book was marked as shipped it has yet to arrive. Seller could not supply tracking information. Seller then offered refund but never fulfilled it within a week. Had to go to PayPal to file a claim.

positive comment by Kimberly A on Sep 9, 2021

Item in fine condition, fair price, fast shipping -- A+ seller!

negative comment by Robert H on Sep 8, 2021

Ordered on Aug 11, 2021. Item never arrived. Contacted seller and reshipment was initiated. Today is Sep 8, 2021 and nothing has arrived. Very dissatisfied.

positive comment by Lesley L on Sep 7, 2021

thank you.

negative comment by Chad D on Sep 4, 2021

Five weeks after the expensive book I ordered was marked shipped, it has not arrived. After contacting Alibris I was issued a refund.

negative comment by Edwin Khoo on Sep 2, 2021

Shipped the item 3 weeks after the "shipped" date. No tracking # despite promising to give one. Only reached out to me to mark the item as "refused" once I got Alibris to issue a refund. Seller has big communication issues and uses false "shipped" dates.

negative comment by Martin W on Sep 2, 2021

Without notice, item shipped so USPS needed signature to deliver. Was too late when I returned from travel. Seller did not respond to email. When alibris intervened, still no refund or redelivery. Alibris finally just gave a direct refund.

negative comment by Mahasti D on Sep 2, 2021

The book has not arrived by the expected date, and despite numerous attempts to contact the seller, I have still not received a response.

negative comment by Anastasios B on Sep 1, 2021

Never got book and seller is refusing to send me TOTAL refund. I am getting scammed.

negative comment by Aiveen W on Aug 31, 2021

Shipped 2 weeks ago, no book. Communication is once a day and cannot ask any questions. I am extremely unhappy, my classes have started and I have no book. I have assignments to complete. I do not have enough funds left to purchase another book :(

negative comment by Edwin Khoo on Aug 31, 2021

20 days after the "ship" date, I asked Alibris for a refund and only then did I find out the book had been shipped 2.5 weeks after the ship date and get the tracking #. The book was described as new, but arrived with creases in the cover corner and edge.

negative comment by Kevin C on Aug 28, 2021

I am the latest, who has to turn to Alibris for a refund. This seller appears to have been banned, so they cannot scam anyone else.

negative comment by Mark O on Aug 27, 2021

It?s been over 2 months since I?ve ordered & I?ve received nothing. Poor communication, it?s automated responses. I?ve asked several times for tracking info & get no response. I will never buy from them again, not worth the hassle.

negative comment by [email protected] on Aug 27, 2021

ordered on july 28th, shipped july 29th. it?s august 27th and i still HAVEN?T received my book. i definitely do not recommend this seller. do not trust. i?m mad that i have not received my book that i payed good money for. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER.

negative comment by Dylan C on Aug 23, 2021

First time using Alibris. I was expecting my book to arrive by now. I saw the vendor More Books is unavailable now and comments related to the vendor have similar negative experiences.

positive comment by don m on Aug 23, 2021

No tracking number and the cover as well as all the pages were creased so the description of 'New' wasn't correct but it was a 'Very Good' book and overall I am pleased with this seller.

negative comment by Alan G on Aug 23, 2021

Advertised as 1971 edition but is later abridged edition. I wrote seller to cancel before shipping x2 but they didn?t respond & shipped. Said ISBN was correct so I am stuck with it. Buyer beware!!!

negative comment by Alexis M on Aug 23, 2021

Never received my item. Have not received help fixing the issue. Had to order this book from somewhere else. Should've received my item August 6th, It's August 23 and I have not received the item or any assistance rectifying the situation.

positive comment by THOMAS J on Aug 18, 2021

Great Met my expectations

neutral comment by Patricia R on Aug 14, 2021

I am not trying to leave a public comment. I am only trying to obtain the status of my order. Notice reads shipped 8/3/2021. As of today,8/14/2021, 9:52PM, it has not arrived. Will you please help? Thank you in advance. Patricia Robinson

negative comment by Mavro on Aug 14, 2021

Ordered a book from them which never turned up. No contact to say why; just disappeared. Had to go through Alibris for a refund. Very disappointed, especially for an expensive book.

negative comment by Monique F on Aug 13, 2021

Just like othersI ordered this seller was said to ship my book on 7/23 and as of 8/14 I still don?t have it. Getting a refund but honestly this seller should go out of business if shipping sales is too complicated. Honest sellers provide tracking numbers

negative comment by Donald A on Aug 13, 2021

It's been more than a month, and the seller hasn't even shipped their nonexistent book that cost $80.5. Zero communication. No tracking number of course. But hey, I've never received any book that I've ever ordered through Alibris.

negative comment by Samaire on Aug 11, 2021

Seller refused to give tracking details, kept putting me off for weeks. Book never arrived. I have no idea what happened. Ridiculously disappointing experience.

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