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negative comment by Elyssa I on May 24, 2018

The item was shipped April 30th and when I finally got the package May 17, it was shipped May 16. I am in nursing school and really needed this book and I ordered as soon as I could and still did not get it in time. It also did not come with access code.

negative comment by Haley on May 23, 2018

Didn't include accessories it should have if it was truly new. Sent in bubblewrap not fully, the gap had packaging tape on the cover of the book! So when opening, the book cover became damaged. For what I paid this was not acceptable by any means.

negative comment by Robbin M H on May 20, 2018

Supposed to arrive by May 17, 2018. Has not yet arrived by May 20, 2018. Is a birthday gift. Paid over $72 & cannot even track this order. VERY CONCERNED. Need feedback.

positive comment by Eupalinos on May 19, 2018

No complaints.

negative comment by Rachel M on May 17, 2018

Item listed as the set of 3 on Alibris. After purchasing, the receipt did not list it as set so I asked if it was the set or cancel if it was just the one book. They ignored me @ a week then sent a tracking number with no response. Only one book sent.

positive comment by Hilla W on May 14, 2018

Good service, thanks

negative comment by David R E on May 12, 2018

Have not received the book. It's May 12th. I ordered it on April 26th.

negative comment by Dieter T on May 8, 2018

Hello, alibris, Please reimburse the purchase price for this order, which was never delivered. I had contacted the seller (More Books, Nicole) via your website. On 4/30 she responded and promised to research further and replace or reimburse. No response.

negative comment by NANCY O on May 8, 2018

Item ordered more than three weeks ago, not received. No response from emails sent to the seller.

positive comment by Candy B on May 8, 2018

Excellent packaging - collectors book arrived in MINT condition.

negative comment by KEVIN M V on May 3, 2018

I have not received this book. kevin vincent

negative comment by Christopher E on May 2, 2018

The book received was not a new but used book without the proper access. Additionally the item was slow to arrive and the packaging was sub-par. Tried contacting seller and received no response. Avoid at all costs unless you want to waste time and money

positive comment by Bernadette B on Apr 29, 2018

Nice Book!

negative comment by Jenevieve M on Apr 25, 2018

Very unprofessional seller. full of excuses.

positive comment by Alan C on Apr 25, 2018

I am very pleased with the books.

positive comment by Lori O on Apr 24, 2018

Very Happy thank you very much.

negative comment by Irene S on Apr 21, 2018

Overpriced, non-responsive, non-communicative!!!! will NEVER purchase from them again.

positive comment by louise m on Apr 17, 2018


negative comment by Aurie on Apr 17, 2018

Ordered a 1st edition of "Last Seen Wearing" from St Martin's. Book never arrived. They asked to send another book--I said only if it was EXACTLY what I had ordered. They sent a 2nd reprint from Macmillan. No integrity.

negative comment by George H on Apr 17, 2018

I will never order from them again. They are liars.

neutral comment by Nick G on Apr 16, 2018

Item is in acceptable condition for a new book of its age. Item arrived over two weeks after the shipping estimate.

positive comment by Ed V on Apr 15, 2018

Well done as (How To ) books go. Full of great things on shaving with a straight razor. Good learning source.

positive comment by Erin M on Apr 9, 2018

As described, would buy again.

negative comment by John A on Apr 7, 2018

book never received

negative comment by james R on Apr 6, 2018

More Books are lieing,cheating CROOKS !! Nicole has been stalling!! NEVER deal with this seller NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

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