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negative comment by Cary R on Nov 17, 2017

Ordered a costly vintage hardcover in new condition. Received a used trade paperback. Seller still had original volume listed for sale. Did not process refund as promised.

negative comment by Josephine C on Nov 17, 2017

I still am waiting for my order. Many attempts to contact customer service, but no reply. I will never order from again.

negative comment by [email protected] on Nov 16, 2017

Book arrived late, seller would not provide tracking number to prove when book originally shipped. I returned the book with proof of delivery 11/8/17, seller still has not provided a refund and will not respond to messages.

positive comment by LYNDA on Nov 16, 2017

Book in great condition.Book came in reasonable amount of time ! Thank You ! A++++.

positive comment by LYNDA on Nov 16, 2017

Book in great condition. Came in reasonable time. Thank You ! Lynda

positive comment by Mike W on Nov 15, 2017

Flimsy packaging but book arrived OK 4 days later than the "expected to arrive by" date given by Alibris.

positive comment by Mike W on Nov 15, 2017

Book arrived 2 days later than anticipated. Corners bent due to inadequate packaging. Book was clean and as advertised.

negative comment by Larry D on Nov 14, 2017

Original ordered item never received. Numerous emails with seller, asking me to be patient for them to obtain another copy of the item, & send that to me; but after 45 days, I've never received the item or the supposed replacement...

positive comment by SUSAN W on Nov 14, 2017

immediate service MANY THANKS

negative comment by Raymond on Nov 13, 2017 are thieves. More books are thieves. They took ?211 on false pretences and have kept it. I have reported the theft to the UK Police and am getting a refund via Visa. Thieves; customer be warned; do not spend a penny here.

negative comment by Andrew W on Nov 12, 2017

Buyers beware. Item received was not what I ordered. It took weeks to get a refund and still no refund for return shipping. Terrible customer service. As a community we need to report dishonest dealers and hold them accountable for their actions.

negative comment by Caleb H on Nov 6, 2017

I was told my book shipped. I received nothing in 3 weeks. When I contacted seller I was told it was lost in the mail. I asked several times for a refund, never got one. I finally had to call my bank to have the charge canceled. Very disappointing.

positive comment by Mohamed Idris on Nov 6, 2017

Book arrived as expected within the defined time frame. I'm quite satisfied. It was a freshly printed book and at least 20$ cheaper than most stores.

negative comment by William C on Nov 6, 2017

This item was not in nearly as good of condition as stated on the listing. It arrived packaged in a sealed plastic bag and was creased and dented. I started a return, shipped the book, but it has been weeks and there is no update on my return.

positive comment by William C on Nov 6, 2017

The book shipped in a thin sealed plastic bag. There was no protection and I can't tell if the rubbing on the spine and corners was original condition or a result of bad packing.

neutral comment by JoshOS on Oct 30, 2017

Seems that book was not shipped until I inquired why it had taken so long.

negative comment by Dana R on Oct 30, 2017


negative comment by Steven H on Oct 26, 2017

It's been over a month and the book has not arrived. Non responsive to inquiries. Do not buy from this vendor.

negative comment by Elizabeth C on Oct 26, 2017

Contacted the seller, haven't received anything from him or her and the book was paperback instead of hardcover.

negative comment by Anthony H on Oct 26, 2017

They fabricated tracking status. I have filed a mail fraud report with USPS

negative comment by Vlad B on Oct 25, 2017

Book wasn't new, sent back. They received the book, but no refund to this day. Keep hearing about "wait longer" etc. etc. etc. Horrendous sellers.

negative comment by Vlad B on Oct 25, 2017

Four months later still no book. Keep hearing about "one more week" or "wait a bit longer". No refund either.

negative comment by Janos V on Oct 21, 2017

Today is Oct. 21 2017. The book has not arrived. Probably a fake seller!

negative comment by Ian J on Oct 20, 2017

The item was shipped on October 12th, not Sept 26th. Communication from seller was so delayed that I gave up and ordered another copy of the same book. This experience is so bad that I won't be using again. Yes, that bad!

neutral comment by Diane H on Oct 15, 2017

I have been waiting for two weeks for my books. I still have not received them and I have no way to find out where they are as I received no tracking number from the seller. Highly frustrated, I have assignments due and I can't do them without a book!

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