Summer Time Reading

Posted July 3, 2016

Once the garden is in and you must wait to harvest there are those lazy hours to relax in the sun with a good read.  My choices includes the new Robyn Carr "What We Find" where romance blooms during a Colorado summer on the lake....

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Avenue of the Giants By Stewart Kirby

Posted by King Range Books on July 30, 2012

Stewart Kirby has released a new book called Avenue of the Gaints set in a fantasy fiction goth Hick world of Humbaba County. Where levitating Hippies battle the forces of globation. 

He will be in to the store on August 10th 2012 at 5pm to sign his book. He will also be reading from it and discusing the book with any one who attends. Please feel free to stop by and enjoy the book Friday August 10th.