J. D. Salinger

Posted March 28, 2010

 Having become an iconic New Hampshire reclusive during his later decades, the 'mystery' of author J. D. Salinger's whereabouts has fed the intrigue and the perpetuating classroom and booklover discussions. At least twice a year, young folks....

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Hi, Folks ... Mom said, 'I need to downsize'. Moving to assisted living, what she couldn't take included 8,000-plus books & records. A decade later, my upcountry barn is bursting. Books multiply as others recycle priorities. I now have 30,000 or more books looking for good homes, and my learning curve has been a roller coaster. I celebrate word-crafters, thought-tumblers, laughter ... the arts of communication at every turn. I preserve, protect, and share. I am also Hedgehog Publishing, 'Words & Pictures by & for Folks with Prickly Backs, Soft Bellies, & Small Brains'.

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Retro Gifts for Any Occasion

Posted by Hedgehog's Whimsey Books on November 28, 2009

  A favorite picture storybook of my childhood, read over and over, was about a man in a blue suit who had lots and lots of pockets. Its cover background was pink. I don't remember the title, author, or illustrator. And, I don't know which of my four siblings or my many nieces and nephews adopted that storybook, or even whether we wore it out first among ourselves.

  So, I'm still looking for it; and I tell customers who find my store that my search is one of the reasons I am in the used book business, recycling individual titles onto another family's shelf.

  Indeed, much of the literature that goes out my door is grounded in fond memories among a range of generations. Sometimes I know that. With online orders, it's often just a hunch.

  For each of us, there are memories our shelves can always accommodate: a favorite family cookbook, an eye-opening college era paperback, a word-crafted volume of poetry or romance to read more than once, a music performance or the score of a classic song, a movie to share with friends or to save for solitude.

  When thinking of gifts for friends and family, consider the gift of nostalgia. Something remembered and found again, which upon its giving, may evoke the telling of more stories among one another.

  Just ask ... the hunt is often as satisfying as the look of surprise and warmth on the face of your grandparent, parent, sibling, child, or friend.

  Giving, I recall from past decades, is not just about the glitter.

  Good hunting,

  Lucy Wells, Head Hedgehog (smallest brain)