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World War 1

Posted July 2, 2015

I recently acquired from an estate a large collection of World War 1 books.  They consist of both fiction and non-fiction...  many are brand new ... Dont miss this wonderful lifelong collection ....I have 20 more cases coming so keep....

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Its June of 2015 an I am still waiting for winter. Its that day you open the door in the morning and step outside and see your breath. I'll let you know when it happens..Meanwhile back at Good Pickens I can tell you that I spent the year 2015 with some serious health problems but im on the mend now and very happy to be back with my Alibris customers. Thank You one and all. Art ATTENTION!LOUIS L'AMOUR FANS I now have a very large selection of rack paperbacks many priced at .99.

Hello, My name is Art and I am a retired musician/Innkeeper. I love dealing in books, and I do hope that you enjoy the selection that I have made available. I have covered everything from self help stress problems to computer questions... from Walt Whitman to Tom Sawyer. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact me anytime. My wife and I live at the Jersey Shore home of the Boss Bruce Springsteen Its a great place to live. My wife is a wedding planner at The Breakers hotel right on the oceanfront in Spring Lake. I am looking forward to doing business with all of you...Till then Art


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World War 1 - posted by GOOD PICKENS on July 2, 2015

I recently acquired from an estate a large collection of World War 1 books.  They consist of both fiction and non-fiction...  many are brand new ... Dont miss this wonderful lifelong collection ....I have 20 more cases coming so keep an out look many are collecters items that wont lase long...Good luk my friends   Art read more

HOWL SOFTLY - posted by GOOD PICKENS on August 1, 2013

Recently I was fortunate to meet (on-line) a very special person.  Her name is Millcent Tycko and she is 85 years old.  Milicents book takes you on a journey across time and barriers to a place where stories are told. Milcents book comes to us from such a place its title HOWL SOFTLY is a compilation of words.  "For decades she has used writing as a form of self expression and now wants to share with others.  The challenge for the reader is to find through the.... read more

SPRING 2013 - posted by GOOD PICKENS on March 7, 2013

Another Spring is in the air OR is it...Right now we are in the middle of a North Easter..with the possibility of snow. The weather this winter has been Topsy turvy to say the least. Warm days, cold days, windy, snowy and huge devastating North Easters... our boardwalks and oceanfronts along with houses and business alike have been washed out to sea.  Believe me we here at the Jersey Shore are ready for a gentle warm Spring. Book sales are steady but there is room for improvement.... read more

Summer Winds - posted by GOOD PICKENS on June 28, 2012

Well its hard to believe but its the Summer of 2012...and...what a wonderful Summer its turning out to be here in New Jersey. I live in Lakewood about 15 miles from the Jersey Shore.  Its a great place to live. I'm in a retirement community with my lovely wife. I am retired... my wife still works at a large hotel on the ocean as a Bridal Consultant.  The book business is good.  Sales are OK for this time of year just enough to make it to the Post Office every day. .... read more

WINTER WINDS - posted by GOOD PICKENS on November 2, 2011

I stuck my nose out the door the other day an guess what? A little flake of snow fell on it.  Folks this is still october as I write.  I am thinking about Thanksgiving then Christmas and all that gift buying.  My little secret is that I buy everything online and have for years.  Which brings me to this...  You still have plenty of time to order your books and Good Pickens is open and ready to serve you.  Till then Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry.... read more

Spring is in the air....... - posted by GOOD PICKENS on March 1, 2011

I can feel it... I can smell it... I can see it.... the trees are budding...the crocus is pushing through the cold winter soil. Has anyone seen a chipmunk? Come on Spring don't hide from me.... I'm ready   AT         read more

Where did the Summer go? - posted by GOOD PICKENS on September 14, 2010

Well folks another week and its official... Summer is over and Fall is in.I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my faithful customers for their business this past Summer.  In spite of the economy you all have given me a really good season.  Thank you....  and lets look forward to the Holiday season that will be quickly approaching. My stock is ever increasing and I hope to have around 10,000 books in inventory some time in early Spring.  We are continuing.... read more

The Summer Winds - posted by GOOD PICKENS on June 3, 2010

Well The feel of Summer is in the air make no doubt about that.  Today it was 92 degrees and the forcast for the rest of the week is the same.  Some say complain... complain... complain BUT wait I will take it.  It sure is better than the outrageous amount of snow we had this past Winter.  I do hope all is well with all the folks across the country.. I pray each night for the folks in the Gulf region and the terrible tragedy that is facing our Country. God bless .... read more

Spring is in the air. - posted by GOOD PICKENS on March 25, 2010

Flowers are blooming,  trees are popping and Im getting ready for Spring.  We have had record snowfall here in Lakewood, NJ well over 45 inches. Now the sun is shineing and you can smell that earthy smell that only comes with Spring.  We live 100feet from a very large lake and the frogs have risen from their Winter sleep I just love the sound that they make, Dont you?  Our economy is ever so slowly getting better. I am looking forward to fullfuling your reading.... read more

And then there was SNOW****************** - posted by GOOD PICKENS on February 24, 2010

We have had over 40 inches of snow so far here in Jersey. Its Wednesday Feb 24 and the report just came through for another 10 to 12 inches tomorrow.  WoW! what a winter..I hope that wherever you are your keping warm and dry.  I count each day till spring. The book business is keeping me busy..Thank you folks for all the business.  I am retired and I really appreciate it.  I will continue to keep my standards high so that all  of you out there can buy with.... read more

Variety: From Civil War to Van Gogh.. - posted by GOOD PICKENS on January 10, 2010

I love anything Civil War.  So when I came across this large stash of brand new cocktail table size Civil War sketches , pictures and letters I was fasinated.  I also aquired some very wonderful Art Books  Georgia O'keeffe  "Art & Letters", Velazquez, Van Gogh, Bonnard and many more.  The key word of my store is variety.  Check it out you will be pleasently surprised.  I have this feeling that 2010 is going to be a very good year for.... read more