We must not forget the past

Posted April 24, 2015

I was listening to an interview with a writer of many books whose son had told him, "Dad, younger people don't read anymore, we like visual things like film, etc." Oh, how wrong he is, I hope. Because people who don't read and learn....

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Bonny Brae Books

Collections, in addition to Theology, are Biography and Autobiography, Fiction, Crafts, Ethics, English history and literature, Historical Novels, Mysteries, Music and Art, Psychology, American history and literature, plus many books about WWII, Japanese literature, culture and history; I have many books in the Japanese language. My Music items are LP s, on Japanese vinyl, all in Fine condition and ranging from Avant garde to Punk rock, from Duane Allman to Arbeit Macht Frei.

I love books, I like to read them, collect them, organize them, repair them, and now, at age 80, I've started selling them, the entire library. My husband was a Baptist minister and missionary for 60 years so many books are theological in nature; however, we both majored in Science so our inventory is quite varied. We lived in Japan for 22 years and have a great interest in Japan, its culture and history.Many of my books were published before the age of ISBN's and some are rare and collectible; many are first editions. I try to write clearly about the condition of the books, since many are quite old.

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We must not forget the past - posted by Bonny Brae Books on April 24, 2015

I was listening to an interview with a writer of many books whose son had told him, "Dad, younger people don't read anymore, we like visual things like film, etc." Oh, how wrong he is, I hope. Because people who don't read and learn from books and manuscripts are bound to keep repeating the mistakes of the past. Film is not for real learning... it's too fast.. one must read, absorb, think, disagree, it all takes time. It is education, learning, thinking that helps us mature.... read more

Why I like old-fashioned paper books - posted by Bonny Brae Books on June 14, 2014

I like turning the pages, flipping back and forth between chapters, being able to read in all situations; not having to carry a smart phone or an Ipad, worrying about keeping the batteries up. Just a simple, plain old book; writing in the margins, underlining if I want and it's My book, not the library's. I am too old to handle the glare of the monitors, for instance. I realize that the future is with the new technology and I'm becoming more adept in using it every day, but, I'll.... read more

I wondered why I didn't enjoy reading on "Kindle" - posted by Bonny Brae Books on January 20, 2014

I thought it was just my enjoyment of having the book in my hands; that I was old fashioned and the glare of the monitor gave me a headache, or so I thought. And then I read an article in Scientific American called," Why the Brain Prefers Paper". Quoting from the article by Ferris Jabr,"Preliminary research suggests that even so-called digital natives are more likely to recall the gist of a story when they read it on paper because enhanced e-books and e-readers themselves.... read more

Merry Christmas! - posted by Bonny Brae Books on December 13, 2013

It has a nice ring to it; but, what makes it Merry? The warmth of the family, coming home and seeing the delight on the faces of parents, grandparents and old friends. Giving gifts; it's an old cliche, but the giving is as much or more fun than the receiving. Enjoy your faith, in family, in friends, in yourself and in your religion. It is a time of true rejoicing. But, in our festivities, let's not forget the poor, the homeless, the lonely aged. Give to the local charity that provides.... read more

Collectible books - posted by Bonny Brae Books on June 3, 2013

When books come directly from your own library you always think they are special. After all, you purchased or inherited them, perhaps most of them you've actually read, and like Churchill, if I haven't read them, I've cleaned them, moved them around and inventoried them. Even those I might not be fond of, I've at least handled them. Many of them were collected by my late husband who was an avid reader, about half of them I've been collecting since the 1950's. Here are a few I'm especially.... read more

Great Reads under $2.00 - posted by Bonny Brae Books on March 22, 2013

One of my favorite authors is William Manchester. As the Washington Post Book World wrote of his GOODBYE DARKNESS; "a compelling account of the war in the Pacific: its strategy, geography, tactics, fighting, its leaders....no one has looked it over from so many merging or intersecting perspectives. If you like GOODBYE DARKNESS, remember, he also wrote "AMERICAN CAESAR" (about MacArthur). read more

Religion - posted by Bonny Brae Books on December 27, 2012

Everyone makes a decision about Religion, either to have or have not. But, as humans we must have faith in something. I challenge you to think about your own faith in this coming New Year. My faith in God and Jesus Christ has deepened over the past year, as my recognition of the failure of human institutions of religion has grown. Reading has helped me as have experiences of sorrow, loss, and acknowledgement of my own failures. I've listed some books that can help the searching soul. read more

1.99 books - posted by Bonny Brae Books on November 25, 2012

I only have a few books for 1.99, around 126 as of Dec. 2012. However, there are academic, mystery, spy, and otherwise among them. A cheap book is not always a throw-away. In my library of over 5000 books I've kept a number of rather fine reading books in paperback. Few of the hardbacks are listed at $1.99 but some are. Obviously, you won't find first editions or copies in Fine condition. A look through the catalogs will list the less expensive books first. I don't think.... read more

Easy Reading - posted by Bonny Brae Books on October 4, 2012

Here are a list of books that are quite inexpensive and easy to read. At Bonny Brae Books I only have 85 books, at the present time, that are $1.99. Most are fiction, paperbacks, and many are mysteries.  Robert Ludlum and Agatha Christie are favorites of mine, as is John Le Carr.  I always keep a few books handy to distract me when I have problems to solve and need a mental break.  You'll notice that I have around 2000 items at Alibris at any one time.  All are from.... read more

The Spirit of Religion - posted by Bonny Brae Books on August 8, 2012

I realize I'm "preaching to the choir", because I'm assuming that Alibris clients are a cut above the average. What all Americans need to remind themselves, even in this "enlightened"(and I use that word critically) age, is that the U.S. was founded on the premise of "freedom of religion". The fact that too many Americans today have forgotten that is degrading to us all. Let's get back to basics and follow the concept of the separation of church and state.... read more

We are exiles from our fathers' land - posted by Bonny Brae Books on July 11, 2012

Some dream of days gone by, of heavenly shores, idyllic islands and deep valleys where men dwell in peace. A place where wars are unheard of, where violence doesn't exist and where all children are loved and esteemed. But most of us have to live our lives in a world of reality; of broken dreams, of failed ventures, of disappointing relationships, and hard work. Yes, 99 percent of us have long realized we live East of Eden. read more

Fathers Day, 2012 - posted by Bonny Brae Books on June 2, 2012

Fathers do not have to be perfect. They can make mistakes, if they'll apologize and try to make amends afterwards. They can do wrong, if they'll try to make it Right afterwards.  I remember my own father. He certainly wasn't perfect.  He had a very short temper, but, he didn't hold a grudge.  He was rather intolerant, but, he was not unjust.  He never finished high school, but, he loved to read and taught us the love of reading well before we went to school. .... read more

The Political Activities of the Baptists..... - posted by Bonny Brae Books on May 8, 2012

"Of all the forms of Protestantism to which the Reformation gave birth there was one which, more than any other, carried to its logical conclusion the great principle that it is the right of every man to seek God's truth in the Scriptures, and mold his life in accordance with that truth as he sees it.  When the great heroes of that Reformation found it expedient to place limitations on that principle, the men called Anabaptists clung to it still and, harried from land to.... read more

Pacific Passions - posted by Bonny Brae Books on April 21, 2012

This is a book by Frank Sherry that I was editing for my inventory but as I looked at it I decided to read it first. Thank goodness! It was one of the more interesting books I've read in the last five years. Starting in the fifteenth century with the Portuguese explorers and great navigators it reads like a novel, but in detail like a documentary. The great explorers from Magellan to Cook come alive in its pages, and, frankly, its a book hard to put down. I've always enjoyed mysteries.... read more

Telling the Truth - posted by Bonny Brae Books on March 26, 2012

Most of my Posts come from what I'm reading. Not everything I read inspires me to write a post, but today, the book, Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy & Fairy Tale, by Frederick Buechner, is prompting me. Truth can be tragic, funny and unbelievable; we say "little white lie"; is that telling the truth in a "soft" way? Avoiding the truth, ah, we're all guilty, aren't we? "Facing the truth:, sometimes it takes a tragedy to make us "face.... read more

Fools revel and wise men read.... - posted by Bonny Brae Books on February 29, 2012

This is an old Scottish saying (actually, Fules ravel and wise men redd), and, one to heed in this dangerous time. Sometimes when I hear the rhetoric from the presidental candidates I feel I am back in the Dark Ages, truly. The attack on women's rights is a page from the time when women were simply "property" whether rich or poor.  Yet, from several angles I see danger.  Another saying, from whom, I'm not sure, is: "Money talks."  And, now that the.... read more

What about Old Age? - posted by Bonny Brae Books on February 12, 2012

As the population ages I wonder how society will compensate for the lost energies of a generation that had to work without computers, without television, instant global news and weather; even without digital bank transactions and transfers. I'm talking about the really aging old people, like myself, who are getting to the point where we need help for so many things. Many in the younger generations seem to want to shrink government to the point that the aged, the disabled, and others.... read more

Oh, the Weather is downright frightful.... - posted by Bonny Brae Books on January 22, 2012

At least if you are in Oregon this month, it's rain, rain, rain, which means swollen and flooded rivers. And, to cap it off, the air waves are drowning in political downpours of toxic rhetoric. I'm trying to sort out what is true, what is false, and what are out and out lies. Can our democracy survive the corporate takeover of America?   History would say "No"; but, the Supreme Court has said, "Yes", a corporation is a person. Oh my, get out my dictiionary.... read more

A New Year - A new day - posted by Bonny Brae Books on January 9, 2012

I know that New Year Resolutions are blase and traditional, but they can be useful. After all, it helps to take stock of what you've accomplished the past year, or failed to accomplish. Its good to revive some goals for your life, discard others as impractical and to set prioritities. Surprisingly, at age 80, I am still setting goals for myself, eager to improve my health, my mental capacity and to find ways to enhance my late husband's legacy. The last thing I want to do is ".... read more

Life can be good, Death is inevitable - posted by Bonny Brae Books on January 1, 2012

My husband died just after midnight at the opening of the day of December 26th. He had been ill for seven years, his memory fading slowly until he could remember nothing and no one. However, three days before he died he called my name. I shall always remember that moment. He was a victim of Alzheimer's. He drew his last breath at home, in his bed, with his children around him. Four members of his family died of Alzheimer's. All were well-educated. Several had multiple degrees in their.... read more

OK, so I'm recycling this one from last year. - posted by Bonny Brae Books on December 11, 2011

Forget the manger scene and the literalists who think not having one in the town square is a crime against Christianity; or, the atheists who consider it a crime to have one. The Birth of Jesus can never be taken from the heart of a true Christian whether it took place in winter, summer, spring or fall.  Christmas is its own holiday; a time to rejoice, to laugh and sing, to give joy to those about you. And, in these rough times for most of us, financially and otherwise, we need.... read more

Learning to read when you are young, and old. - posted by Bonny Brae Books on November 15, 2011

Since I'm always urging children to read I'll keep updating the list for children in my home page but I thought I'd do a Post on what an old woman is reading. I read Hawthorne in Junior high school and am re-reading his Twice-Told Tales; Oscar Wilde, well, I read The Picture of Dorian Gray years ago and I've seen the play "the Importance of Being earnest" but, I've never read his poetry and fairy tales, so am doing so now. Two of the books I'm reading are about the Middle.... read more

In Search of a well-read Child - posted by Bonny Brae Books on November 3, 2011

The importance of reading is being undervalued every day. A child learns to play games on the computer before he learns to read. He is allowed to watch "goofy" shows on television that do not enrich his mind but "entertain" him. At Bonny Brae Books I have a catalog called, "Vintage Children's books". I have long urged parents to read to small children and you'll find some old books and some newer books there worth your time and effort. Even after a child.... read more

Hello, Out There - posted by Bonny Brae Books on October 21, 2011

Does anyone ever read these Posts? If you have ever read my Posts, please send me an e-mail and tell me so: the e-mail address is: [email protected] I keep telling my son, who is an IT expert, that I still think on an analog track. Also, I have to fight the notion in my brain that few people are aware of anything I put at Alibris.com, it's just a computer. It annoys me when I realize that I can't locate something because I forgot to put in an apostrophe or I added an extra.... read more

More about Music and Art - posted by Bonny Brae Books on October 5, 2011

I was really disturbed when they began to eliminate Music and Art from elementary school, because of budget cuts. I think basic music studies should begin in first grade, first with learning to read music and then, choirs and recitals. Drawing should also begin in first grade, teaching the child how to use perspective and giving them outdoor assignments as the Japanese curriculum does. Japanese schools begin in the Spring, and, you often see entire classes lined up with their pads.... read more

Music and the Arts - posted by Bonny Brae Books on September 18, 2011

I always thought categorizing books (or anything else) was easy.  I used to work in a public library using the Dewey Decimal System. And, The Arts, was 700; every 10 numbers and you'd have a breakdown of categories; 710=Civic & Landscape Art; 720 Architecture; and so on to 750=Painting and Artists; 780-Music; 790=Recreational & performing arts. But, my Music and the Arts catalog is more medieval. Music will include techniques, folk and old-time gospel, classical, etc..... read more

to all you Theology Students: - posted by Bonny Brae Books on August 6, 2011

I'm guessing that about one-third to one-half of my inventory is Theology. My husband was a Baptist minister and missionary for almost 60 years. For the next few weeks I'm going to highlight Theology Books. Many are already near minimum price. Those are the newer books, but, I'm lowering prices on many of the older and out-of-print copies. Most are listed in the catalogs under New Testament Studies, Old Testament Studies, Baptists, Church administration, Christian philosophy, and.... read more

Those lazy summer days are for Reading - posted by Bonny Brae Books on July 1, 2011

I'm selling my library! when one gets to be my age, we have to be practical. After all, I can't take them with me. That leaves about 3500 to sell. I'm adding to the inventory daily on Alibris. Why Alibris? A friend of mine, a bookseller, told me years ago that if I wanted to sell my books, do it on Alibris.  I've taken his advice and Bonny Brae Books is the result.  I do all the work myself, even the images. Every book, movie and record of mine has its image. I use an Epson.... read more

Summer Reading - posted by Bonny Brae Books on June 16, 2011

I've put some books in the Queue that are inexpensive, lightweight and easy to read. If you'll check my catalogs on Mystery, Spy and Otherwise; Fiction; Classics; Biography & Autobiography; then, you might find just what you want to read on a lazy day by the beach, or in your backyard. read more

A library is a repository of medicine for the mind - posted by Bonny Brae Books on June 2, 2011

We Americans like to blame others; the 'government', the Congress, the Liberals, the Conservatives, for conditions about us; unemployment, fraud and corruption in local and national politics,but, if we'll read history, we'll find that all great powers failed because of the apathy and lethargy of the voting public. We become complacent, couch potatoes, trivia collectors, blind followers of demigods, adherents of greed and entertainment. Remember the 'games' in the colliseum in Rome.... read more

Summer Reading - posted by Bonny Brae Books on May 17, 2011

Warm days are coming, lazy afternoons on the porch, or in a hammock, reading a good book that keeps you distracted from all the chores that need doing, or from the worries you need to forget for a while. A good book that doesn't need batteries or to be plugged in to a computer for download. A good Mystery or Spy story or a Romance, something you can lose yourself in for an afternoon or evening and many for under $3 or $4. Browse the Bonny Brae catalogs for more Mystery, Spy or Otherwise.... read more

It's Music, Music, Music - posted by Bonny Brae Books on May 9, 2011

This is just the beginning of the LP's on Bonny Brae Books. Soon, I'll be adding 99 more to the collection of 99 already there. My son reminded me that most of these LP's were only played once.  He recorded the LP to a cassette soon after purchase so he could listen to it on his Walkman or one of the other small players the Japanese love to design. Browse through the store and find your favorite genre. Oh, and don't forget to browse through the new catalogs I'm adding for a book.... read more

Mother's Day 2011 - posted by Bonny Brae Books on May 8, 2011

How fortunate I am, to have all my children alive and well.  I feel deeply for Mother's who have lost a child, and, for children who have lost a Mother.  Even with all our technological advances and 'miracle' drugs life is still tenuous at best.  Ten years ago my husband had a great mind, was writing programs for his computer, writing a novel about Japan in the 16th century, and enjoying his retirement. Today, he doesn't know who I am, he often cries and calls me ".... read more

Day One Before Hiroshima and After - posted by Bonny Brae Books on April 25, 2011

I was a young teen during the Second World War and I saw movies that made me fear and hate the Japanese. Then, later, in my husband’s first  pastorate, I met a group of Japanese from Hiroshima, young men who were in California to learn fruit cultivation and canning, American style. My husband taught them English and they were in our home occasionally. With two of the young men we formed a friendship that lasted many years. They changed my mind about the Japanese one hundred.... read more

A love of music and good books - posted by Bonny Brae Books on April 18, 2011

After reading my last post, my son tells me that I should mention that the records I’m selling (His, by the way), were only played once. He recorded the LP to a cassette so he could listen to it on his Walkman or one of the earlier small units the Japanese love to design. He and his father were so “into” music that every room in our house was wired for “sound”.  Father loved classical music and those were the records played over and over through the.... read more

IN ADDITION TO BOOKS, THERE'S MUSIC - posted by Bonny Brae Books on April 14, 2011

In addition to books, we're always liked music, and, fortunately, even though we grew up in the great depression, it didn't take money to enjoy music. My grandfather played the fiddle and one of my uncles played the piano. My mother and her sisters had lovely voices.  Someone told my father he had a voice like Bing Crosby's so we had every record that could be found of Bing Crosby. Then came the Beatles. Much time had gone by and we were living in Japan where my son, especially.... read more

Thanks to Alibris... - posted by Bonny Brae Books on April 9, 2011

 I can now share my library with others who love books as much as I do. Books have been a passion of mine since childhood, growing up in a small town in Oklahoma. We were very poor, but, there was a small library and I think I read every book on the shelves. I used to climb Chinaberry trees and sit in them and read and dream of all the places and experiences I found in those books. Later, I would travel in many countries, live 22 years in one of those countries; but, my.... read more