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Bokonon Books

Bokonon Books

At Bokonon Books we are genuinely committed to the ideas of quality and service. With over 15,000 books and films in inventory, we have a broad range of popular titles and subjects to meet every reader's interest, but do specialize in the areas of History, Science, and Literature. As far as service is concerned, we emphasize a personal touch regarding information about our products, care in packaging, and promptness in delivery. We consistently get our orders shipped within 24 hours of payment.

Simply put- We love books. More accurately, we love the ideas that books represent and want to share them with as many people as is humanly (and humanely) possible. Promoting literacy, education, and civil discourse are truly the main goals of Bokonon Books. Being able to take care of all the bills at the end of the month while doing so is just living the American Dream- getting paid to do something that you'd cheerfully do for free. "Busy, busy, busy"

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