Open New Publishing Sales Channels

Leverage our expertise to sell more of your books

Publishers succeed here. You work hard to publish your books. And you need smart, effective ways of getting your titles in front of interested buyers. Take advantage of our decade of bookselling successes and reach millions of eager buyers around the world.

How it works after you sign up for Alibris Gold

  • 1. We help you to get started and to list your titles.
  • 2. You personalize listings with images and bibliographic catalog data.
  • 3. You receive orders, ship your books, and get paid!

How Alibris Gold publishers benefit

  • Personalization power. You'll be able to make your titles stand out from the crowd by uploading cover images and customizing bibliographic information.
  • Global sales. List once here and reach millions of new buyers worldwide through our U.S., U.K., and library Web sites, and participating business partners.
  • Your own storefront. Sell more books, encourage return customers, and publicize your inventory with photos, featured items, and more on your Alibris storefront.
  • More for your money. Our Alibris Gold seller program gives you everything you need to sell more online?all at the most affordable seller fees available.

The Alibris Gold seller program meets publisher needs

  Alibris Basic Alibris Gold
Alibris marketplace sites Yes Yes
Partner sales channels Yes Yes
Library sales channel Yes Yes
Automated re-pricing available Yes Yes
Customized seller storefront No Yes
Catalog integration of titles Yes Yes
Automated order data No Yes
Dedicated client services team Yes Yes

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will I sell the books I publish directly to consumers or to Alibris?

A: Your Alibris orders will be "consumer direct." And, depending on the type of order, you will ship most orders right to the buyer and some to the Alibris distribution center, where we process and reship them for you. Our order management system makes it simple to do both.

Q: What commission does Alibris charge for each sale?

A: When an item is sold on Alibris, our commission is 15%; when it sells through one of our partner sites, the commission is 20%. We encourage you to learn more about our very competitive seller fees. And remember, you set your prices, not Alibris.

Q: What kind of support services do you offer once I sign up?

A: We have specialists dedicated to helping you with all stages of the sales process, from signing up and getting your inventory up for sale to pricing and shipping. Your success is our success, so we work hard to help you whenever you need it. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Can I offer my entire backlist for sale, or is there a limit to my number of listings?

A: You can list as many titles as you like. As the seller, you have control of your listings.

Q: If I can't find one of my titles in Alibris's catalog, can I still sell with Alibris?

A: If you can't find one or more of your titles in the Alibris catalog, you can easily add them. Just contact us if you have any questions, or use our chat feature that is available to Gold Sellers.

Q: What if I want to sign up for the Alibris Basic seller program instead of Alibris Gold?

A: You have the option of signing up for either of our seller programs?whether Alibris Gold or Alibris Basic. It's up to you as the seller. But, as you can see above, Alibris Gold is geared toward publishers and is most likely the best program for you. Please contact us if you have any questions about selecting a seller program.