Dynamic Marketplace Selling Software

If you're ready to sell more, you're ready for Monsoon!

How Monsoon works

Your work is more efficient and productive when you sell with Monsoon software.

Monsoon is a world-class software solution that helps you sell more. With dynamic pricing, end-to-end management tools, advanced inventory receiving, and customer-focused technical support, Monsoon was created to help online marketplace sellers.

Monsoon provides you with tangible resources:

  • Advanced inventory management software
  • Dynamic pricing and repricing
  • Marketplace selling best practices
  • Third-party discounts on business supplies and services

How you benefit

Sell on more markets. Monsoon's smart, powerful solutions help you list and sell your products on the marketplaces that matter most, including Alibris, Amazon.com, eBay, and Half.com.

Protect your margins. Monsoon's dynamic pricing ensures that your inventory is priced to make the sale, without sacrificing your profit margins.

Maximize efficiencies. Monsoon's intelligent software tools and world-class customer support combine to deliver maximum efficiency and optimized profitability across multiple online channels. We improve your bottom line by streamlining operations through process improvement and best practices.

Use our business intelligence. Monsoon was founded by e-commerce pioneers, and the Monsoon team has over 200 combined years of marketplace selling experience that we put to work for you, the seller.

Just a few of the markets you can sell on using Monsoon:

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Monsoon?

A: Monsoon is a dynamic inventory management software solution designed to help marketplace sellers like you manage and sell your inventory on multiple online marketplaces. Monsoon is an installed software solution designed to keep your business communicating with multiple marketplaces, 24/7/365.

Q: Is Monsoon a marketplace?

A: Monsoon is not a marketplace or a partner network. It is a software solution designed to help sellers manage their inventory on multiple marketplaces, including Alibris, Amazon.com, eBay, and Half.com.

Q: Is my business big enough to use Monsoon?

A: Monsoon's software is designed for sellers of all sizes and stripes. If you are ready to grow your business, increase your efficiencies, and sell more, you are ready for Monsoon.

Q: Will Monsoon's "Dynamic Pricing" drive all of my listings into a race to the bottom?

A: No. Monsoon's pricing systems are designed to move your inventory without sacrificing your profit margins. With Monsoon, you create your own pricing rules to ensure your listings are competitive. In many instances, Monsoon's repricing will actually increase the value of your inventory.

Q: Is Monsoon owned by Alibris?

A: Alibris and Monsoon are owned by the same parent company; however, both companies operate independently.

Q: Will I pay Alibris for using Monsoon?

A: No. Invoices for any Monsoon services will be issued directly from Monsoon.

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