Prof. Timothy D Wilson

Timothy D. Wilson is Sherrell J. Aston Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia.

Personality Profile For Prof. Timothy D Wilson

The following is a personality profile of Professor Timothy D Wilson based on his work.

Professor Timothy D Wilson is shrewd, skeptical and can be perceived as indirect.

He is unconcerned with art, he is less concerned with artistic or creative activities than most people who participated in our surveys. He is proud as well: he holds himself in high regard, satisfied with who he is. But, Professor Timothy D Wilson is also laid-back: he appreciates a relaxed pace in life.

More than most people, his choices are driven by a desire for prestige.

He is also relatively unconcerned with taking pleasure in life: he prefers activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment. Considers helping others to guide a large part of what he does: he thinks it is important to take care of the people around him.

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