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Reviews of Bach: B Minor Mass

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  • If you love Bach, BUY THIS VERSION! Mar 1, 2009
    by theBlueZinnia

    To me, this recording (cut to vinyl in 1956, if memory serves) stands out as one of the genuinely major achievements in choral music. Okay, so I might be mildly biased, since I once sang with Shaw--but seriously, folks, this is a great, great recording. '56 was really very early in the 20th-century rediscovery of Bach. There were a few churches where you could hear him, and with luck you might find a few Landowska records at the library. But choral Bach recordings of quality were few and far between. Then, with mostly just research, great taste and a great love of and joy in Bach's music to go on, Robert Shaw made this stunningly beautiful, lively, deep, precise, _exciting_ recording, and things began to change. Buy it and see why. You'll thank me, I can almost promise.

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