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Meredith Wilson's hit 1957 Broadway musical was transferred to the screen in larger-than-life fashion in 1962. Robert Preston repeats his legendary ... Show synopsis

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Reviews of The Music Man

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  • The Music Man Jun 7, 2016
    by Rebecca A

    What's not to love about the pretty Shirley Jones and the funny Robert Preston. This con man, delivers a boys band and more. Great music to sing along with, fun to watch.

  • America's Best Musical Oct 20, 2011
    by Dr.James P. K

    Wonderful recording of the movie version with superlative cast, songs, and story. A classic.

  • Outstanding Production Jun 9, 2011
    by sam b

    Cast couldn't have been better chosen. Preston, Jones, and the Buffalo Bills. Music was superior. Pace and direction never slowed down the flow. Not a dull moment. This is a true classic.

  • May 5, 2011
    by donald f

    Seller with integrity. Shop with confidently. I am not certain why the review has to be 50 characters, so I'm taking up space.

  • The Leader of The Musical Band Apr 29, 2010
    by mehaul

    TITLE: The Music Man
    GENRE: Musical - broadway based comedy/romance
    CAST: Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, Paul Ford, Pert Kelton, Buddy Hackett, Hermione GingoldTommy Djilas, Susan Luckey and Ronny Howard
    PLOT: Short and sweet: Con man gets trapped by love and must make his con real not fake.
    RETURN ON INVESTMENT: 9 of 10; Set in rural mid-America of one hundred years ago, the sets are well constructed, both interiors and exteriors. The choreography should have won an Oscar.(it did win for original score) The costumes are dazzling in the number of costume changes each character had and the design of the band uniforms which gets us back to choreography and the marching. Character development procedes for all the main roles which holds the viewer's interest.
    DVD BONUS: Behind the scenes making of with S. Jones, B. Hackett and S. Luckey, some filmographies, how the title animation was accomplished.
    ADDED NOTES: Preston had played heavies until this, his first song and dance effort. No crediting is done for the opening number where the song rhythm mirrors the train and the choreography (again!) has the actors jiggling and bouncing as if on a real train, one of the best parts of the production and hilarious! As is a glimpse of future stardom from Ronny Howard who pulls of the performance of a lisping tot in his first real credit as a performer in a film. Shirley Jones was quite pregnant during the filming. She carried both the child and the role as only a star could. If you have to see any Broadway musical comedy, make it this one. It's the source of "Shaboopi, shaboopi!"

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