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Whaling Books

Moby Dick Moby Dick

Herman Melville
Buy from $1.12
eBook from $0.99

Seabird Seabird

C.Holling Holling
Buy from $2.72

Moby Dick or the Whale Moby Dick or the Whale

Herman Melville
Buy from $1.25

Moby-Dick: A Norton Critical Edition Moby-Dick: A Norton Critical...

Herman Melville, Hershel Parker (Editor)
Buy from $16.31
eBook from $12.99

Moby Dick Moby Dick

Nathan S Mitchell
Buy from $3.35

Herman Melville's Moby-Dick: A BabyLit Storybook Herman Melville's Moby-Dick:...

Mandy Archer (Retold by), Annabel Tempest (Illustrator)
Buy from $23.20

Wild and Distant Seas Wild and Distant Seas

Tara Karr Roberts
Buy from $11.19
eBook from $27.61

Classic Starts(r) Moby-Dick Classic Starts(r) Moby-Dick

Herman Melville, Kathleen Olmstead (Abridged by)
Buy from $2.33
eBook from $3.99

Leviathan: The History of Whaling in America Leviathan: The History of...

Eric Jay Dolin
Buy from $4.24
eBook from $15.95

The Impossible Rescue: The True Story of an Amazing Arctic Adventure The Impossible Rescue: The...

Martin W. Sandler
Buy from $2.09

Gift of the Whale: The Inupiat Bowhead Hunt, a Sacred Tradition Gift of the Whale: The...

Bill Hess
Buy from $2.92

Moby Dick: Chasing the Great White Whale Moby Dick: Chasing the Great...

Andrew Glass (Illustrator), Eric A Kimmel
Buy from $3.99

Moby Dick: A Picture Voyage: An Abridged and Illustrated Edition of the Original Classic Moby Dick: A Picture Voyage:...

Herman Melville, Tamia A Burt (Editor)
Buy from $5.98

Moby Dick, Or, the Whale Moby Dick, Or, the Whale

Herman Melville
Buy from $47.96

Men and Whales Men and Whales

Richard Ellis
Buy from $2.90

The Killing Bay (Faroes Novel #2) The Killing Bay (Faroes Novel...

Chris Ould
Buy from $1.24

Revenge of the Whale: The True Story of the Whaleship Essex Revenge of the Whale: The...

Nathaniel Philbrick
Buy from $0.99

Moby Dog Moby Dog

Alexander Steele
Buy from $1.99

Alaska's Whaling Coast Alaska's Whaling Coast

Dale Vinnedge
Buy from $14.89

Water Sky Water Sky

Jean Craighead George
Buy from $0.99

Petticoat Whalers: Whaling Wives at Sea 1820-1920 Petticoat Whalers: Whaling...

Joan Druett
Buy from $18.00

Cozy Classics: Moby Dick Cozy Classics: Moby Dick

Jack Wang, Holman Wang
Buy from $1.86
eBook from $0.99

Born in the Year of Courage Born in the Year of Courage

Emily Crofford
Buy from $1.14

Whaling Days Whaling Days

Carol Carrick
Buy from $3.43

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