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The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge The Complete Enneagram: 27...

Beatrice Chestnut, PhD
Buy from $9.88
eBook from $9.95

Psychoanalytic Diagnosis: Understanding Personality Structure in the Clinical Process Psychoanalytic Diagnosis:...

Nancy McWilliams, PhD
Buy from $20.00
eBook from $27.00

Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence Please Understand Me II:...

David Keirsey
Buy from $1.55

Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type Gifts Differing:...

Isabel Briggs Myers, Peter B Myers
Buy from $1.49

Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery Personality Types: Using the...

Don Richard Riso
Buy from $1.49
eBook from $4.50

The Personality Quiz Book Just for You: Learn All about You! The Personality Quiz Book...

H Becker
Buy from $1.65

It's Just My Nature It's Just My Nature

Carol Tuttle
Buy from $1.99

The 5 Personality Patterns: Your Guide to Understanding Yourself and Others and Developing Emotional Maturity The 5 Personality Patterns:...

Steven Kessler, Christine Chrisman (Illustrator)
Buy from $13.47

The People Code and the Character Code: Omnibus Edition The People Code and the...

Taylor Hartman
Buy from $12.16

The Art of Profiling: Reading People Right the First Time The Art of Profiling: Reading...

Dan Korem
Buy from $8.81

How We Relate: Understanding God, Yourself, and Others Through the Enneagram How We Relate: Understanding...

Jesse Eubanks
Buy from $14.13
eBook from $13.99

The Enneagram Type 5: The Investigative Thinker The Enneagram Type 5: The...

Beth McCord
Buy from $1.78

Sparked: Discover Your Unique Imprint for Work That Makes You Come Alive Sparked: Discover Your Unique...

Jonathan Fields
Buy from $1.80
eBook from $14.99

The People Code: It's All about Your Innate Motive The People Code: It's All...

Taylor Hartman
Buy from $1.49

Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Reveal Life Colors: What the Colors...

Pamala Oslie
Buy from $0.99

What Shamu Taught Me about Life, Love, and Marriage: Lessons for People from Animals and Their Trainers What Shamu Taught Me about...

Amy Sutherland
Buy from $1.43

What's Your Enneatype? an Essential Guide to the Enneagram: Understanding the Nine Personality Types for Personal Growth and Strengthened Relationships What's Your Enneatype? an...

Liz Carver, Josh Green
Buy from $3.64
eBook from $22.99

Dating Radar: Why Your Brain Says Yes to the One Who Will Make Your Life Hell Dating Radar: Why Your Brain...

Bill Eddy, Megan Hunter
Buy from $2.22

The Comprehensive Enfp Survival Guide The Comprehensive Enfp...

Heidi Priebe
Buy from $1.60

New Perspectives on Type Identity: The Mental and the Physical New Perspectives on Type...

Simone Gozzano (Editor), Christopher S. Hill (Editor)
Buy from $17.47

The Personality Brokers: The Strange History of Myers-Briggs and the Birth of Personality Testing The Personality Brokers: The...

Merve Emre
Buy from $2.00

Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work Type Talk: The 16 Personality...

Otto Kroeger, Janet M Thuesen
Buy from $1.22

MotherStyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths MotherStyles: Using...

Janet Penley, Diane Eble
Buy from $1.26

Character Structure and the Organization of the Self Character Structure and the...

Lawrence Josephs
Buy from $135.82

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