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Electromagnetism Books

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life The Body Electric:...

Robert O Becker
Buy from $11.49

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life The Invisible Rainbow: A...

Arthur Firstenberg
Buy from $15.86
eBook from $24.95

Basic Electricity Pb Basic Electricity Pb

Us Naval Personnel
Buy from $8.26

Introduction to Electrodynamics Introduction to...

David J. Griffiths
Buy from $11.71
eBook from $56.00

The Physics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained The Physics Book: Big Ideas...

DK, Jim Al-Khalili (Foreword by)
Buy from $6.23

Electricity and Magnetism Electricity and Magnetism

Edward Mills Purcell
Buy from $27.95
eBook from $63.20

Electromagnetism for Babies Electromagnetism for Babies

Chris Ferrie
Buy from $2.53
eBook from $4.99

Electromagnetic Theory and Computation: A Topological Approach Electromagnetic Theory and...

Paul W. Gross, P. Robert Kotiuga
Buy from $61.13

Special Relativity and Classical Field Theory Special Relativity and...

Leonard Susskind, Art Friedman
Buy from $8.07

Astrophysics of the Interstellar Medium Astrophysics of the...

Giovanni Carraro
Buy from $57.86
eBook from $19.50

A Short Course on Topological Insulators: Band Structure and Edge States in One and Two Dimensions A Short Course on Topological...

Jnos K. Asb?th, Lszl? Oroszlny
Buy from $46.48
eBook from $15.00

Grounds for Grounding: A Handbook from Circuits to Systems Grounds for Grounding: A...

Elya B Joffe, Kai-Sang Lock
Buy from $159.18

Advanced Classical Electromagnetism Advanced Classical...

Robert Wald
Buy from $49.24
eBook from $53.00

The Spinning Magnet: The Force That Created the Modern World - and Could Destroy It The Spinning Magnet: The...

Alanna Mitchell
Buy from $2.36

Mathematical Methods of Electromagnetic Theory Mathematical Methods of...

Kurt O. Friedrichs
Buy from $58.78

We Are Electric: The New Science of Our Body's Electrome We Are Electric: The New...

Sally Adee
Buy from $11.01

Discrete Communication Systems Discrete Communication Systems

Stevan Berber
Buy from $85.45
eBook from $58.50

The Theory of the Electromagnetic Field The Theory of the...

David M Cook
Buy from $4.99

The Fundamentals of Imaging Physics and Radiobiology The Fundamentals of Imaging...

Joseph Selman
Buy from $1.72

Electrostatics Electrostatics

Niels Jonassen
Buy from $103.32
eBook from $47.70

Electromagnetics Electromagnetics

John Daniel Kraus
Buy from $2.61

Faraday, Maxwell, and the Electromagnetic Field: How Two Men Revolutionized Physics Faraday, Maxwell, and the...

Nancy Forbes, Basil Mahon
Buy from $7.53

Electromagnetic Wave Theory Electromagnetic Wave Theory

Jin Au Kong
Buy from $56.25

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