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Religion Zoroastrianism Books

Avesta: The Religious Books of the Parsees Avesta: The Religious Books...

Arthur Henry Bleeck
Buy from $24.01

Original Magic: The Rituals and Initiations of the Persian Magi Original Magic: The Rituals...

Stephen E Flowers
Buy from $6.86

Teachings of Zoroaster and the Philosophy of the Parsi Religion Teachings of Zoroaster and...

S a Kapadia
Buy from $6.60

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Zoroastrianism The Wiley Blackwell Companion...

Michael Stausberg (Editor), Yuhan Sohrab-Dinshaw Vevaina (Editor)
Buy from $44.37

The Teachings of Zoroaster and the philosophy of the Parsi religion The Teachings of Zoroaster...

Shaporji Aspaniarji Kapadia
Buy from $12.87

A History of Iran: Empire of the Mind A History of Iran: Empire of...

Michael Axworthy
Buy from $2.55

Empath Healing: Survival Guide for Empaths, Become a Healer Instead of Absorbing Negative Energies Empath Healing: Survival...

J P Edwin
Buy from $3.00

Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth: From Mazdean Iran to Shi'ite Iran Spiritual Body and Celestial...

Henry Corbin
Buy from $35.48

The Zend-Avesta, Volumes 1-2 The Zend-Avesta, Volumes 1-2

James Darmesteter
Buy from $31.73

Cyrus the Great: Life and Lore Cyrus the Great: Life and Lore

M Rahim Shayegan (Editor)
Buy from $20.00

The Hymns of Zoroaster: A New Translation of the Most Ancient Sacred Texts of Iran The Hymns of Zoroaster: A New...

M. L. West (Translator)
Buy from $27.93
eBook from $15.18

The Sacred Gathas of Zarathushtra & the Old Avestan Canon: A Modern Translation of Ancient Wisdom The Sacred Gathas of...

Pablo Vazquez
Buy from $9.18
eBook from $5.99

The Bundahisn: The Zoroastrian Book of Creation The Bundahisn: The...

Domenico Agostini (Translator), Samuel Thrope (Translator)
Buy from $103.51
eBook from $78.00

The Nativist Prophets of Early Islamic Iran: Rural Revolt and Local Zoroastrianism The Nativist Prophets of...

Patricia Crone
Buy from $14.00

The Definitive Zoroastrian Critique of Islam: Chapters 11-12 of the Skand Gumanig-Wizar by Mardanfarrox son of Ohrmazddad The Definitive Zoroastrian...

Christian C. Sahner
Buy from $59.67

Zoroastrianism: The Complete Guide on The Ancient Persian Religion of Mazdayasna and Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism: The Complete...

Ali Hakimi
Buy from $14.12

Journey of the Magi: Travels in Search of the Birth of Jesus; New Edition Journey of the Magi: Travels...

Paul William Roberts
Buy from $4.74

Zoroastrians: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices Zoroastrians: Their Religious...

Mary Boyce
Buy from $19.95

In Search of Zarathustra: Across Iran and Central Asia to Find the World's First Prophet In Search of Zarathustra:...

Paul Kriwaczek
Buy from $1.70

Khordeh Avesta Khordeh Avesta

Kavasji Kanga
Buy from $16.99

The Avestan Hymn to Mithra The Avestan Hymn to Mithra

Ilya Gershevitch (Translator)
Buy from $21.79

Teachings of the Magi Teachings of the Magi

Robert C Zaehner
Buy from $24.00

Zoroastrians Zoroastrians

Mary Boyce, John R Hinnells (Editor)
Buy from $9.00

The Zoroastrian Tradition: An Introduction to the Ancient Wisdom of Zarathushtra The Zoroastrian Tradition: An...

Farhang Mehr
Buy from $17.18

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