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A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door: The Dismantling of Public Education and the Future of School A Wolf at the Schoolhouse...

Jack Schneider, Jennifer C Berkshire
Buy from $10.14
eBook from $18.99

Cutting School: The Segrenomics of American Education Cutting School: The...

Noliwe Rooks
Buy from $1.89
eBook from $18.99

Slaying Goliath: The Passionate Resistance to Privatization and the Fight to Save America's Public Schools Slaying Goliath: The...

Diane Ravitch
Buy from $1.99

The Homeschool Choice: Parents and the Privatization of Education The Homeschool Choice:...

Kate Henley Averett
Buy from $30.19
eBook from $30.00

Education and the Commercial Mindset Education and the Commercial...

Samuel E Abrams
Buy from $4.00

Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America's Public Schools Reign of Error: The Hoax of...

Diane Ravitch
Buy from $1.25

Education and the Crisis of Public Values: Challenging the Assault on Teachers, Students, and Public Education - Second edition Education and the Crisis of...

Henry A Giroux
Buy from $2.16
eBook from $36.95

Education, Equality and Justice in the New Normal: Global Responses to the Pandemic Education, Equality and...

Inny Accioly (Editor), Donaldo Macedo (Editor)
Buy from $20.00
eBook from $14.60

Privatization of America's Public Institutions: The Story of the American Sellout Privatization of America's...

Lawrence Baines
Buy from $29.51
eBook from $43.00

Global Education Reform: How Privatization and Public Investment Influence Education Outcomes Global Education Reform: How...

Frank Adamson (Editor), Bjorn Astrand (Editor)
Buy from $31.74
eBook from $26.93

An Activist Handbook for the Education Revolution: United Opt Out's Test of Courage An Activist Handbook for the...

Morna McDermott (Editor), Peggy Robertson (Editor)
Buy from $17.47

Scripted Bodies: Corporate Power, Smart Technologies, and the Undoing of Public Education Scripted Bodies: Corporate...

Kenneth Saltman
Buy from $35.55
eBook from $26.93

Qualitative Inquiry in Neoliberal Times Qualitative Inquiry in...

Norman K. Denzin (Editor), Michael D. Giardina (Editor)
Buy from $13.05
eBook from $27.48

School Choice and the Betrayal of Democracy: How Market-Based Education Reform Fails Our Communities School Choice and the...

Robert Asen
Buy from $51.57

Charter Schools at the Crossroads: Predicaments, Paradoxes, Possibilities Charter Schools at the...

Chester E Finn, Jr., Bruno V Manno
Buy from $2.98

The Risky Business of Education Policy The Risky Business of...

Christopher H Tienken (Editor), Carol A Mullen (Editor)
Buy from $49.74
eBook from $29.13

Global Education Inc.: New Policy Networks and the Neoliberal Imaginary Global Education Inc.: New...

Stephen J. Ball
Buy from $8.52
eBook from $31.33

Privatization and Public Universities Privatization and Public...

Douglas Priest (Editor), Edward St John (Editor)
Buy from $27.52

Hidden Markets: The New Education Privatization Hidden Markets: The New...

Patricia Burch
Buy from $30.18

Charter Schools and School Vouchers Charter Schools and School...

Pete Schauer (Editor)
Buy from $18.44

Follow the Money: How Foundation Dollars Change Public School Politics Follow the Money: How...

Sarah Reckhow
Buy from $30.10
eBook from $28.60

The Edison Schools: Corporate Schooling and the Assault on Public Education The Edison Schools: Corporate...

Kenneth J Saltman
Buy from $8.98
eBook from $27.48

Towards the Private Funding of Higher Education: Ideological and Political Struggles Towards the Private Funding...

David Palfreyman (Editor), Ted Tapper (Editor)
Buy from $63.91
eBook from $30.23

The Decommodification of Early Childhood Education and Care: Resisting Neoliberalism The Decommodification of...

Michel VandenBroeck, Joanne Lehrer
Buy from $44.09
eBook from $25.83

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