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Waiting to Be Arrested at Night: A Uyghur Poet's Memoir of China's Genocide Waiting to Be Arrested at...

Tahir Hamut Izgil, Joshua L. Freeman (Translator)
Buy from $18.77

Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides's Trap? Destined for War: Can America...

Graham Allison
Buy from $7.90
eBook from $13.99

The Afghanistan Papers: A Secret History of the War The Afghanistan Papers: A...

Craig Whitlock, The Washington Post
Buy from $2.25

The New China Playbook: Beyond Socialism and Capitalism The New China Playbook:...

Keyu Jin
Buy from $11.61

The Strategy of Denial: American Defense in an Age of Great Power Conflict The Strategy of Denial:...

Elbridge A Colby
Buy from $5.40
eBook from $32.50

Beijing Rules: How China Weaponized Its Economy to Confront the World Beijing Rules: How China...

Bethany Allen
Buy from $17.09
eBook from $17.29

The Sister: North Korea's Kim Yo Jong, the Most Dangerous Woman in the World The Sister: North Korea's Kim...

Sung-Yoon Lee
Buy from $14.10

The Shortest History of China: From the Ancient Dynasties to a Modern Superpower--A Retelling for Our Times The Shortest History of China...

Linda Jaivin
Buy from $4.86

Imperial China Imperial China

Buy from $17.50

A Misunderstood Friendship: Mao Zedong, Kim Il-sung, and Sino-North Korean Relations, 1949-1976 A Misunderstood Friendship:...

Zhihua Shen, Yafeng Xia
Buy from $26.84
eBook from $22.75

Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China Deng Xiaoping and the...

Ezra F Vogel
Buy from $16.64
eBook from $30.00

Mao's Army Goes to Sea: The Island Campaigns and the Founding of China's Navy Mao's Army Goes to Sea: The...

Toshi Yoshihara
Buy from $22.86
eBook from $17.48

River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze River Town: Two Years on the...

Peter Hessler
Buy from $0.99
eBook from $9.95

When China Attacks: A Warning to America When China Attacks: A Warning...

Grant Newsham
Buy from $11.99

The China Nightmare: The Grand Ambitions of a Decaying State The China Nightmare: The...

Dan Blumenthal
Buy from $7.50

China: A History China: A History

John Keay
Buy from $7.90

Party of One: The Rise of XI Jinping and China's Superpower Future Party of One: The Rise of XI...

Chun Han Wong
Buy from $11.16

Southeast Asia: A Very Short Introduction Southeast Asia: A Very Short...

James R Rush
Buy from $6.23
eBook from $5.20

Meiji Restoration Losers: Memory and Tokugawa Supporters in Modern Japan Meiji Restoration Losers:...

Michael Wert
Buy from $15.06

Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy Japan 1941: Countdown to...

Eri Hotta
Buy from $1.89

Governing and Ruling: The Political Logic of Taxation in China Governing and Ruling: The...

Changdong Zhang
Buy from $23.43

China's Vision of Victory China's Vision of Victory

Jonathan D T Ward
Buy from $1.78

Rodrigo Duterte: Fire and Fury in the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte: Fire and...

Sir Jonathan Miller
Buy from $4.86

Nafsi: Jihad Upon My Self Nafsi: Jihad Upon My Self

Kashmir Maryam
Buy from $11.31

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