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Political Science Colonialism Post-Colonialism Books

Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent Open Veins of Latin America:...

Eduardo Galeano
Buy from $3.75
eBook from $18.70

How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States How to Hide an Empire: A...

Daniel Immerwahr
Buy from $7.15

The Loom of Time: Between Empire and Anarchy, from the Mediterranean to China The Loom of Time: Between...

Robert D Kaplan
Buy from $20.49

Mayflower: Voyage, Community, War Mayflower: Voyage, Community,...

Nathaniel Philbrick
Buy from $0.99

King Leopold's Ghost King Leopold's Ghost

Adam Hochschild
Buy from $4.76

King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa King Leopold's Ghost: A Story...

Adam Hochschild
Buy from $1.26
eBook from $14.99

Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation Caliban and the Witch: Women,...

Silvia Federici
Buy from $12.02

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America's Colony War Against All Puerto Ricans...

Nelson A Denis
Buy from $8.01

Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples Decolonizing Methodologies:...

Linda Tuhiwai Smith
Buy from $7.19
eBook from $15.77

Hospicing Modernity: Facing Humanity's Wrongs and the Implications for Social Activism Hospicing Modernity: Facing...

Vanessa Machado de Oliveira
Buy from $12.68

The Anarchy The Anarchy

William Dalrymple
Buy from $8.98

Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice Inflamed: Deep Medicine and...

Rupa Marya
Buy from $6.61

Conquistadors and Aztecs: A History of the Fall of Tenochtitlan Conquistadors and Aztecs: A...

Stefan Rinke
Buy from $26.26
eBook from $15.60

Culture and Imperialism Culture and Imperialism

Professor Edward W Said
Buy from $2.04

Not So Black and White: A History of Race from White Supremacy to Identity Politics Not So Black and White: A...

Kenan Malik
Buy from $14.45

The Nutmeg's Curse: Parables for a Planet in Crisis The Nutmeg's Curse: Parables...

Amitav Ghosh
Buy from $10.00
eBook from $17.99

Bad Mexicans: Race, Empire, and Revolution in the Borderlands Bad Mexicans: Race, Empire,...

Kelly Lytle Hern▀ndez
Buy from $12.08
eBook from $19.95

Worldmaking After Empire: The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination Worldmaking After Empire: The...

Adom Getachew
Buy from $16.98
eBook from $27.95

A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None A Billion Black Anthropocenes...

Kathryn Yusoff
Buy from $4.57

The Fortunes of Africa: A 5000-Year History of Wealth, Greed, and Endeavor The Fortunes of Africa: A...

Martin Meredith
Buy from $6.87

A Dying Colonialism A Dying Colonialism

Frantz Fanon
Buy from $8.00
eBook from $16.00

Guerra Contra Todos Los Puertorriquenos: Revolucion y Terror En La Colonia Americana Guerra Contra Todos Los...

Nelson A Denis
Buy from $8.33

We May Dominate the World: Ambition, Anxiety, and the Rise of the American Colossus We May Dominate the World:...

Sean A Mirski
Buy from $23.02

Black Crown: Henry Christophe, the Haitian Revolution and the Caribbean's Forgotten Kingdom Black Crown: Henry Christophe...

Paul Clammer
Buy from $10.16

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