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Oceanography Books

Ocean Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the World Under the Sea Ocean Anatomy: The Curious...

Julia Rothman, John Niekrasz
Buy from $8.49

Knowledge Encyclopedia Ocean! Knowledge Encyclopedia Ocean!

Buy from $8.20

Oceanology: The Secrets of the Sea Revealed Oceanology: The Secrets of...

Buy from $22.36

The Blue Planet The Blue Planet

Andrew Byatt, DK Publishing
Buy from $3.68

The Sea Around Us The Sea Around Us

Rachel Carson
Buy from $1.89
eBook from $11.99

The Underworld: Journeys to the Depths of the Ocean The Underworld: Journeys to...

Susan Casey
Buy from $8.25

Whales: An Illustrated Celebration Whales: An Illustrated...

Kelsey Oseid
Buy from $7.19

Ocean, New Edition Ocean, New Edition

Fabien Cousteau (Introduction by), DK
Buy from $18.91

The Life & Love of the Sea The Life & Love of the Sea

Lewis Blackwell
Buy from $15.32

The High Seas: Greed, Power and the Battle for the Unclaimed Ocean The High Seas: Greed, Power...

Olive Heffernan
Buy from $23.30

Dark Day In The Deep Sea Dark Day In The Deep Sea

Mary Pope Osborne
Buy from $0.99

Ocean Ocean

National Geographic Kids
Buy from $1.99

Marine Ecology: Processes, Systems, and Impacts Marine Ecology: Processes,...

Michel J. Kaiser (Editor), Martin J Attrill (Editor)
Buy from $55.71
eBook from $32.99

The Brilliant Abyss: Exploring the Majestic Hidden Life of the Deep Ocean, and the Looming Threat That Imperils It The Brilliant Abyss:...

Helen Scales
Buy from $3.90

Citizens of the Sea: Wondrous Creatures from the Census of Marine Life Citizens of the Sea: Wondrous...

Nancy Knowlton
Buy from $1.87

Waves and Beaches: The Powerful Dynamics of Sea and Coast Waves and Beaches: The...

Kim McCoy, Willard Newell Bascom
Buy from $15.99
eBook from $14.95

Pocket Genius Ocean Pocket Genius Ocean

Buy from $1.77

The New Beachcomber's Guide to the Pacific Northwest The New Beachcomber's Guide...

J. Duane Sept
Buy from $3.69
eBook from $17.99

Save the Ocean Save the Ocean

Bethany Stahl (Illustrator)
Buy from $2.68

Mysteries of the Deep: How Seafloor Drilling Expeditions Revolutionized Our Understanding of Earth History Mysteries of the Deep: How...

James Lawrence Powell
Buy from $21.89

Pacific Intertidal Life: A Guide to Organisms of Rocky Reefs and Tide Pools of the Pacific Coast Pacific Intertidal Life: A...

Ron Russo
Buy from $2.99

Octopus, Squid, and Cuttlefish: A Visual, Scientific Guide to the Oceans' Most Advanced Invertebrates Octopus, Squid, and...

Roger Hanlon, Mike Vecchione
Buy from $23.09
eBook from $39.99

Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean Tides: The Science and Spirit...

Jonathan White, Peter Matthiessen (Foreword by)
Buy from $2.58
eBook from $14.99

The Lady and the Sharks The Lady and the Sharks

Eugenie Clark
Buy from $7.79

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