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Great Battles for Boys: Ww2 Europe Great Battles for Boys: Ww2...

Joe Giorello
Buy from $7.49

Great Battles for Boys: Bunker Hill to Wwi Great Battles for Boys:...

Joe Giorello
Buy from $4.99

The Things Our Fathers Saw: The Untold Stories of the World War II Generation from Hometown, USA-Voices of the Pacific Theater The Things Our Fathers Saw:...

Mr. Matthew a Rozell
Buy from $8.37

The Face of War The Face of War

Martha Gellhorn
Buy from $2.52
eBook from $4.75

Makers of Modern Strategy: From Machiavelli to the Nuclear Age Makers of Modern Strategy:...

Peter Paret
Buy from $7.14
eBook from $49.95

War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning War Is a Force That Gives Us...

Chris Hedges
Buy from $0.99

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers The Rise and Fall of the...

Paul Kennedy
Buy from $1.23

The Things Our Fathers Saw Vol. IV: Up the Bloody Boot-The War in Italy The Things Our Fathers Saw...

Matthew Rozell
Buy from $7.97

No Friends But the Mountains: Dispatches from the World's Violent Highlands No Friends But the Mountains:...

Judith Matloff
Buy from $2.48

The Hall of Mirrors: War and Warfare in the Twentieth Century The Hall of Mirrors: War and...

Jim Storr
Buy from $3.43

Warfare in the Seventeenth Century Warfare in the Seventeenth...

John Childs, Sir John Keegan (Editor)
Buy from $1.49

Margin of Victory: Five Battles That Changed the Face of Modern War Margin of Victory: Five...

Douglas MacGregor
Buy from $24.73

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000 The Rise and Fall of the...

Paul M Kennedy
Buy from $1.49

Introduction to Global Military History: 1775 to the Present Day Introduction to Global...

Jeremy Black
Buy from $2.97
eBook from $27.48

The Air Campaign: Planning for Combat The Air Campaign: Planning...

John A. Warden
Buy from $2.30

The Patterns of War Since the Eighteenth Century The Patterns of War Since the...

Larry H Addington
Buy from $1.23
eBook from $4.50

Military Misfortunes: The Anatomy of Failure in War Military Misfortunes: The...

Eliot a Cohen
Buy from $1.49

After Defeat: How the East Learned to Live with the West After Defeat: How the East...

Ayse Zarakol
Buy from $12.31

Military Adaptation in War: With Fear of Change Military Adaptation in War:...

Williamson Murray
Buy from $14.99
eBook from $48.99

Arrogant Armies: Great Military Disasters and the Generals Behind Them Arrogant Armies: Great...

James M Perry
Buy from $2.00
eBook from $16.99

War, peace and international relations: an introduction to strategic history War, peace and international...

Colin S Gray
Buy from $20.01
eBook from $37.93

The pursuit of power : technology, armed force, and society since A.D. 1000 The pursuit of power :...

William McNeill
Buy from $1.49

The Causes of War The Causes of War

Geoffrey Blainey
Buy from $1.99

Toward combined arms warfare : a survey of 20th-century tactics, doctrine, and organization Toward combined arms warfare ...

Jonathan M. House
Buy from $86.65

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