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Literary Criticism European Scandinavian Books

The Poetic Edda The Poetic Edda

Carolyne Larrington (Translator)
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eBook from $7.15

The Saga of the Volsungs: With the Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok The Saga of the Volsungs:...

Jackson Crawford
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eBook from $13.50

Four Major Plays: Volume 1 Four Major Plays: Volume 1

Henrik Johan Ibsen
Buy from $1.22

Edda Edda

Snorri Sturluson
Buy from $1.99

The Poetic Edda The Poetic Edda

Lee M Hollander (Translator)
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eBook from $24.95

The Kalevala: An Epic Poem After Oral Tradition by Elias Lonnrot The Kalevala: An Epic Poem...

Elias L÷nnrot, Keith Bosley (Translator)
Buy from $5.00
eBook from $7.15

Song of the Vikings: Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths Song of the Vikings: Snorri...

Nancy Marie Brown
Buy from $2.00

Hans Christian Andersen: The Life of a Story Teller Hans Christian Andersen: The...

Jackie Wullschlager
Buy from $3.40

Heimskringla: An Interpretation: Volume 483 Heimskringla: An...

Birgit Sawyer
Buy from $6.50

So Much Longing in So Little Space: The Art of Edvard Munch So Much Longing in So Little...

Karl Ove Knausgaard
Buy from $5.59

Enemy of the People Enemy of the People

Arthur Miller
Buy from $1.25

Bergeners Bergeners

Tomas Espedal, James Anderson (Translator)
Buy from $5.20

There Are Things I Want You to Know about Stieg Larsson and Me There Are Things I Want You...

Eva Gabrielsson, Marie-Francoise Colombani (Contributions by)
Buy from $0.99

Butterfly Valley: A Requiem Butterfly Valley: A Requiem

Inger Christensen, Susanna Nied
Buy from $9.91

Miss Julie Miss Julie

August Strindberg
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eBook from $2.50

Knut Hamsun: Dreamer & Dissenter Knut Hamsun: Dreamer &...

Ingar Sletten Kolloen, Erik Skuggevik (Translator)
Buy from $10.73

Songs of Something Else: Selected Poems of Gunnar Ekelof Songs of Something Else:...

James Larson (Translator), Leonard Nathan (Translator)
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eBook from $35.00

Cliffsnotes on Ibsen's a Doll's House & Hedda Gabler Cliffsnotes on Ibsen's a Doll...

Marianne Sturman
Buy from $1.17

Heroic Sagas and Ballads Heroic Sagas and Ballads

Stephen A. Mitchell
Buy from $20.95

The Seventh Seal The Seventh Seal

Ingmar Bergman
Buy from $10.00

Letters from Africa 1914-1931 Letters from Africa 1914-1931

Isak Dinesen, Frans Lasson (Editor)
Buy from $1.38

Either/Or Either/Or

Soren Kierkegaard
Buy from $2.70

The Second Light: Selected Writings of Vilhelm Ekelund The Second Light: Selected...

Lennart Bruce (Translator), Vilhelm Ekelund
Buy from $3.16

Four Major Plays Vol.2 Four Major Plays Vol.2

Henrik Ibsen
Buy from $1.99

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