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Letters to a Young Poet Letters to a Young Poet

Rainer Maria Rilke
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eBook from $0.99

Letters to a Young Poet Letters to a Young Poet

Charlie Louth (Translator), Rainer Maria Rilke
Buy from $8.42

German Short Stories for Beginners: 20 Captivating Short Stories to Learn German & Grow Your Vocabulary the Fun Way! German Short Stories for...

Lingo Mastery
Buy from $6.39

The Poetic Edda The Poetic Edda

Carolyne Larrington
Buy from $5.37
eBook from $7.15

Die Verwandlung / The Metamorphosis: Bilingual Edition German - English Side By Side Translation Parallel Text Novel For Advanced Language Learning Learn German With Stories Die Verwandlung / The...

Parallel Text Editing (Editor), Ian Johnston (Translator)
Buy from $7.23

The Essential Goethe The Essential Goethe

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Matthew Bell (Introduction by)
Buy from $13.99
eBook from $29.95

The Prince of Homburg The Prince of Homburg

Heinrich Von Kleist
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eBook from $5.20

Old Truths and New Clich?s: Essays by Isaac Bashevis Singer Old Truths and New Clich?s:...

Isaac Bashevis Singer, David Stromberg (Editor)
Buy from $18.10
eBook from $24.95

Paul Celan Today: A Companion Paul Celan Today: A Companion

Michael Eskin (Editor), Karen Leeder (Editor)
Buy from $20.12
eBook from $24.99

Rilke: Poems: Edited by Peter Washington Rilke: Poems: Edited by Peter...

Rainer Maria Rilke, J.B. Leishman (Translator)
Buy from $2.00

Este Es Mi Pueblo Este Es Mi Pueblo

Albert Einstein
Buy from $11.04

Germania Germania

Cornelius Tacitus
Buy from $2.99

Rainer Maria Rilke and Lou Andreas-Salome: The Correspondence Rainer Maria Rilke and Lou...

Rainer Maria Rilke, Lou Andreas-Salom?
Buy from $53.63

The Adventurous Heart: Figures and Capriccios The Adventurous Heart:...

Ernst Junger, Russell A. Berman (Editor)
Buy from $34.75

Human All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits Human All Too Human: A Book...

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Buy from $1.86
eBook from $8.99

The Antichrist The Antichrist

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Buy from $1.99
eBook from $1.99

Messages from a Lost World: Europe on the Brink Messages from a Lost World:...

Stefan Zweig, John Gray (Introduction by)
Buy from $9.00

Elogio de la vejez Elogio de la vejez

Martin Hernandez B (Editor), Claudio Gancho (Translator)
Buy from $8.64

Letters on God and Letters to a Young Woman Letters on God and Letters to...

Rainer Maria Rilke, Annemarie S. Kidder (Translator)
Buy from $11.86

Twilight of the Idols: Friedrich Nietzsche Twilight of the Idols:...

Walter Kaufmann (Translator), R J Hollingdale (Translator)
Buy from $5.60

The Kraus Project: Essays by Karl Kraus The Kraus Project: Essays by...

Jonathan Franzen, Karl Kraus
Buy from $1.49

Goethe, Volume 3: Essays on Art and Literature Goethe, Volume 3: Essays on...

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, John Gearey (Editor)
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eBook from $42.00

Sovereignty and Salvation in the Vernacular, 1050-1150: Das Ezzolied, Das Annolied, Die Kaiserchronik, VV. 247-667, Das Lob Salomons, Historia Judith Sovereignty and Salvation in...

James A Schultz (Editor)
Buy from $5.75

Ernst Toller: A Youth in Germany and Other Writings Ernst Toller: A Youth in...

Jim Doss, Ernst Toller
Buy from $18.48

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