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Law Liability Books

Products Liability in a Nutshell Products Liability in a...

David G. Owen
Buy from $7.23
eBook from $45.00

Cases and Materials on Torts Cases and Materials on Torts

Richard Allen Epstein
Buy from $3.33

Shielded: How the Police Became Untouchable Shielded: How the Police...

Joanna Schwartz
Buy from $11.17

IP Accidents: Negligence Liability in Intellectual Property IP Accidents: Negligence...

Patrick R Goold
Buy from $87.41

Liability Liability

Peter W Huber
Buy from $1.94

Law and Leviathan: Redeeming the Administrative State Law and Leviathan: Redeeming...

Cass R Sunstein, Adrian Vermeule
Buy from $11.95
eBook from $28.00

The Liability Century: Insurance and Tort Law from the Progressive Era to 9/11 The Liability Century:...

Kenneth S Abraham
Buy from $61.85

How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim How to Win Your Personal...

Joseph Matthews
Buy from $1.39
eBook from $34.99

Toxic and Environmental Torts: Cases and Materials Toxic and Environmental Torts...

Robin Kundis Craig, Michael D. Green
Buy from $219.93

Bending the Law: The Story of the Dalkon Shield Bankruptcy Bending the Law: The Story of...

Richard B Sobol
Buy from $22.50

Civil Warriors: The Legal Siege on the Tobacco Industry Civil Warriors: The Legal...

Dan Zegart
Buy from $4.98

Asset Protection for Business Owners and High-Income Earners: How to Protect What You Own from Lawsuits and Creditors Asset Protection for Business...

Alan Northcott
Buy from $5.78

An Analysis of Criminal Liability An Analysis of Criminal...

Edwin Charles Clark
Buy from $15.42

Better Safe Than Sued: Keeping Your Students and Ministry Alive Better Safe Than Sued:...

Jack Crabtree
Buy from $1.73
eBook from $5.99

Principals Teaching the Law: 10 Legal Lessons Your Teachers Must Know Principals Teaching the Law:...

Dr. David M Schimmel, Dr. Suzanne E Eckes
Buy from $2.25

Thinking about the Insanity Defense: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions with Case Examples Thinking about the Insanity...

Ellsworth L Fersch
Buy from $4.00

Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice

Frank A Sloan, Lindsey M Chepke
Buy from $5.00

Little Book of Skiing Law Little Book of Skiing Law

Cecil C Kuhne
Buy from $14.82

The Limits of the Criminal Sanction The Limits of the Criminal...

Herbert L. Packer
Buy from $4.62

Pharmacy Practice and the Law Pharmacy Practice and the Law

Richard R Abood
Buy from $2.36
eBook from $33.28

Medical Liability and Treatment Relationships Medical Liability and...

Mark A Hall, J.D.
Buy from $22.03
eBook from $248.00

Civil Liability in Criminal Justice Civil Liability in Criminal...

Darrell L Ross
Buy from $1.99
eBook from $37.95

Recovering for Psychological Injuries Recovering for Psychological...

William A Barton
Buy from $92.71

Security, Adequate--Or Not?: The Complete Guide to Premises Liability Litigation Security, Adequate--Or Not?:...

Chris E. McGoey, Lou-Anne Fouteck (Editor)
Buy from $14.82

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